8 ways to take the fear our of Halloween food allergies

8 ways to take the fear our of Halloween food allergies

Kids love to shop for their favorite costumes and go trick and treating with their siblings and friends. The scary costumes and house set-ups are generally harmless. But if you have a child with food or skin allergies you might have a lot to worry about.

Halloween is the biggest candy exchange holidays right after Valentine’s Day. Kids love to dress up and gather candy and if there is something they are allergic to, it is better to plan ahead to avoid any kind of real scare and make it a safe holiday.

Be Prepared:

If you are suspicious that your child may be allergic to any food items, it is important to consult with an allergist and get him/her tested. Once you have confirmed the allergy, always be cautious while buying products. Investigate the labels of your purchases and buy only if you are sure of all the ingredients. Research about the consequences of an allergic reaction in thorough detail and inform all your family members of the details. Always be prepared to respond to an emergency and keep the number of your doctor handy. The best way is to keep the allergy plan in written.

Be the Candy Police:

When holidays like Halloween are around, it can be very difficult to monitor what types of candies come in to your house.

Here are some tips that help you keep Halloween safe and allergy-free:

  • Talk to your kid about the consequences of consuming allergic food. Make sure he doesn’t eat the candy before you have a chance to look at them.
  • Read all the labels. Throw away any candy that does not have a label.
  • Prevent temptation among your kids. Arrange for some safe snacks or an early dinner so that your kid doesn’t binge on the Halloween candy.
  • Avoid the candies that have “may contain” written on them. Even traces of peanut, milk, soya, nuts, etc. can be dangerous.
  • Take special care in choosing a mask. If your kid has Asthma, tight fitting masks can cause trouble breathing. Read the costume label properly and don’t but it if is made of material that can cause irritation or a rash.
  • If you plan to throw a Halloween party, consider the limitations on food. Keep the menu simple and talk to your guests about any food allergies beforehand.
  • Don’t use paint or tattoos if your kid has any type of skin allergies. The washable dyes in pain and tattoos can cause irritation of skin and may even cause skin rashes.

Enjoy your holiday:

Caution is very important when it comes to allergies but don’t be too hard on your kid. Holidays are a joyous occasion and Halloween is kids’ favourite. Prepare well and don’t let Halloween scare you off.

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