Symptoms in adult

ADHD in adults possess different symptoms as in children, mentioning some of them are:

  • Failure to complete time bound tasks. These tasks may be very simple and of daily routine such as getting up in the morning, doing work on time, being productive in job as well as simple works of home and likewise.
  • Adults suffering from this disorder may feel restless and try to do many tasks at a time and resulting in most of them as unsuccessful. Such adults prefer to take shortcuts in accomplishment of work rather than success assuring laborious procedure which leads to failure rather than their wish to procure success. Results of ADHD in adults.

Adults unaware of the disorder often face general results such as:

  • Face difficulty in doing the task at hand thus; such people are very often obvious to suffer from accidents, speeding up the vehicle resulting in losing of their drivers’ license.
  • Easy distraction, restlessness, difficulty in prioritizing work, disorganized life tends to fail them in their career, relationships and jobs.
  • ADHD makes an adult weak at mental level thus; they fail to control themselves at events which results in their insulting outbursts and embarrassing situations.
  • They tend to focus more on tasks or work that they enjoy prioritizing the success assuring task which they may find boring and dull. This becomes the reason of their failure in professional life.

Basically avoidance of vital tasks at home and at work and instead completion of minor entertaining tasks such as messaging, calling, playing games etc. are the very basic result of ADHD in adults.

Causes and reason of ADHD

It has been found that patients of ADHD have less neurotransmitter in the area of brain that controls attention of human. Reason behind this low neurotransmitter secretion is unknown but, it is believed by medical researchers that the genes have role to play in this also, studies but, it is believed by medical researchers that it is caused by genes also, studies have proved that prenatal exposure to addictive elements like cigarettes and alcohol leads to this disorder.

Diagnosis of ADHD in adults

  • Neuropsychological tests including timed computer based tests that scales attention and problem solving skills. These tests do not diagnose but, throw light on the effects of ADHD if present in an adult also, it uncovers other disorders such as inability to learn which often goes unnoticed.
  • Besides medical tests, an individual can undergo discussion with friends and relatives and office mates regarding their performance at work and at social level. It can also uncover childhood problem if any.

Treatment of ADHD in adults

Adults suffering from ADHD often get frustrated and tend to get addicted to drugs and smoking but, it can be controlled by getting cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps in managing and organizing tasks at the same time getting focused on the relevant work as well.

Medically ADHD is treated by stimulant drugs which help in improving level of concentration while work, antidepressant drug and norepinephrine such as atomoxetine help in controlling impulsive behavior.

Mentoring can help an adult having this disorder. In America ADHD is included under Disabilities act thus; such employees can be provided with special office scenario which helps them in concentrating towards work.

Smart phone apps can help an individual organize one’s daily routine and remember tasks.

High protein content food helps in improving concentration and replacement of complex carbohydrates with simple ones such as whole grains will help in shedding off mood swings and stabilize energy levels.

ADHD patients are not a loser always

It has been found that there are certain professional fields where ADHD patients can perform well such as sales, acting, military, photography and athletic coaching and also trade professions. Thus; adults undergoing ADHD should not get hopeless they can get success by continuous support by friends and relatives.

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