Aqualight meditation

Aqualight Meditation

Water is the first biocreative element which arose from Fire according to the Rig Veda , the sacred texts from India . Water is denoted by the second chakra the swadishtana . Without water life on this planet is not possible . Water is a sacred unifying element . It can wash away the physical , mental and spiritual dirt .

Life arose on this planet inside water and it is what is sustaining us all . The word Narayana means beings which live in water . That is us , the divine light , the jyoti living inside water . Water is able to allow the intermixing of other elements Earth , Fire , Space , Love , Sun and Bliss to form a Human being .

Aqualight Meditation founded by Dr Sunny , is to help awaken within us the consciousness of water , so we may understand water in all its dimensions . With the awareness generated one becomes a divine blissful Human being full of enthusiasm and compassion . Thats the true definition of being healthy . It aids in making a robust immune system , as all bodily functions are happening inside water element .

Steps of Aqualight Meditation:

1. Jal Mudra

2. Activation of Swadisthana Chakra or Sacral Plexus

3. Human pyramid activation

4. Vortex Energisation

5. Subtle Awareness and Humming

6. Rivers of Paradise

7. Waterfall

8. Merging into the Ocean

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