What is child psychology ? and why does it so important to know for ever parents and people who are working in the faternity where childrens are the prime focus like teachers, organisations working for children ,paediatrician, etc?

        My only concern to write this article is to enlight each person about how important it is in these days to understand the developmental , behavioural & social changes occuring in children due to the fast changing lifestyles and thinking of each person in today's world !

Child Psychology is the branch of science which deals with studying the mind and behaviour of the child and constitutes abnormal, social and developmental psychology as its different components.

Developmental psychology is the study of different stages of the development of the child from infancy to adolsecent like behavioural modifications occuring due to intellectual, emotional and social changes
during these different phases of development.

Hence it has become mendatory to understand what are the impacts occuring on the development of a child due to different experiences in the fast changing world, which demands much more than actually possible by the child . This has been a great concern because it has been created a tremendous stressors on children , which has lead to various mental ailments like depression ,suicide ,etc in children.

       Lets have a combined effort to understand the children and their difficulties so as to make the life of each little one having beautiful today and a strong future tommorow ! 

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