Treatment of COPD includes medication but, this problem can be taken over by having balanced diet as well. Before going into details of the dietary methods one needs to understand that the blockage of the lungs causes more energy requirement to COPD sufferers. The muscles involved in breathing action may need 10 times more energy as required by a healthy man. Higher intake of calories may result in weight gain by these patients which can further multiply their problem thus; proper care of diet should be taken by COPD patients which do fulfill their energy requirement as well as do not result in gain of weight. Care taken by COPD patients in their diet

If a COPD sufferer faces problem in respiring while eating then they should avoid taking fuller meals at a time instead they should opt for small meals which can be taken 4-6 times a day. This will help them to attain calorie requirement at intervals and also feel less tired and less full leading to comfortable breathing in of oxygen.

People in trap of COPD have been found to have highest energy level in the morning so they are suggested to take their largest meal in the breakfast consisting largely of bran cereal and whole grain which will fulfill their daily requirement of 25-30 grams of fiber/ day.

Try not to add on sugar intake instead take milk along with blueberries, raspberries and similar variety of berries at breakfast. These will help you to obtain protein and antioxidants as well. Food you eat can be categorized in high calorie items which include high protein content items like chicken, baked fish and lean meat and empty calorie items like desserts and buttery mashed potatoes. For those who get tired while eating should eat high calorie items first and then empty calorie items.

Include cheeses manufactured by skimmed milk or stated as ‘reduced fat content’ to your normal meal consisting of rice, potatoes or vegetables. It maintains calorie level in your diet with sufficiency of calcium level in bones as well.

Patients of COPD are recommended to increase water/ fluid intake which results in thinning of mucous of the respiratory tract which when thick obstructs the tract. Further it is suggested to eat first and then take fluid/ water to avoid fullness of stomach before eating. Patients of OPD who need to gain weight are recommended to replacement intake of water with milk during day time. This will help them in weight gain along with optimum supply of protein, calcium and vitamin D.

Avoid caffeine in any form from your diet especially in the form of tea, energy drinks, sodas, chocolates. These can increase restlessness and worsen the condition of COPD. Avoid Sodium in your diet which causes water retention and makes breathing difficult. Food containing more than 300mg of sodium/ serving should be avoided instead use herbs and no salt spices which are better for your health.

Food that causes formation of gas and acidity should be avoided like carbonated drinks, fried and spicy foods. One may notice those foods that cause bloating and gas to one and should avoid eating them in any form. COPD medication can lead to lose of potassium in patients that can be retained by consuming fruits like oranges, bananas, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Include egg especially egg white in your diet which will fulfill your calorie need along with diet need. Healthy snacks are very necessary which can be in the form of nuts, crackers, fruits, vegetables and pudding. Fresh fruits and vegetables are best for the requirement of COPD patients.

Shakes and smoothies made out of low fat milk or yogurt are very rich source of calcium and vitamin D. Beetroots, carrots, corn, squash are members of starchy vegetables and are vary suitable for the fulfillment of the nutrient needs of COPD patients. Protein content which is very necessary for COPD patients can be added by including items like soy protein milk, peanut butter, fish, nuts, eggs, lean meat and legumes in one’s dietary chart.

By keeping all these dietary care in mind will help one in maintaining balanced weight and control COPD as well.

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