Doctors aren't discussing sex with heart attack survivors:

Doctors aren't discussing sex with heart attack survivors:

The doctors undoubtedly discuss all the possible measures to be adopted in order to prevent their patients from heart attacks but they fail in discussing about sex.

A patient named Karen Englert who is a heart attack survivor, telling us about the advice she got from her doctor says that her doctor freely advised her not to drive, not to lift milk jugs and many more but she was not told anything about resuming sex with her husband. She has undergone six different heart procedures but was never specified clearly by her doctor whether she should do resume sex or not.

People who have survive heart attack which is a serious event since in this situation the heart stops functioning suddenly should be concerned about over exertion. So, they should be told whether practicing sex will be harmful for them or not. Doctors either avoid giving any information about sex or the information most of the doctors give is usually wrong.

So the patients who have not received any information about sex, they due to fear stop having sex further. But, it is perfectly safe to have sex even after surviving a heart attack as long as the patient has no problem of chest pain.

According to study a number of people were not satisfied with the advice they got from their doctors, since none of them were told about the sexual activity. Even when some patients used to ask questions related to this they were provided with irrelevant answers. But on the other hand, when researchers found that when the doctors discussed with their patients about sex they were satisfied with the answers they got.

According to Englert, she and her husband used to face a lot of difficulty while having sex. Even when they were in mood, her husband used to stop because of the fear that he would hurt her. It took a long time to get everything back in track. She herself had to initiate the discussion on this topic if she would have been hesitant the problem would remain. According to Englert, others will not suffer from this problem if doctors freely talk to their patients about this.

Proper counseling should be given to the patients and their partners on this topic. Since many times the partners are more fearful that whether sex will be safe or not. They most of the times refrain themselves from doing sex because of the belief that it will be harmful. This will not be the case when both the partners are counseled properly on this topic.

Doctors while suggesting about many other things forget to mention about this topic. So in that case even the patients should bring this topic in front of the doctors instead of sitting and worrying on this topic.

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