Gadgets and Mobile Applications that helps fertility

Gadgets and Mobile Applications that helps fertility

Women have started to consult several fertility doctors and have also started to undergo several medications in order to stimulate their fertility. With the advancements in the technology, developers have now come out with several new mobile applications and gadgets that have been helping women to check pregnancy during their monthly cycle. When the doctors were consulted in the matter of fertility, they told that the major drawback during these days is simply that women do not keep track of their monthly cycle efficiently. Menstrual cycle plays an important role if the woman tries to conceive. On the other hand, obsessing over the monthly cycle seems to lead to stress which in turn affects the fertility. Over obsession makes them anxious and unable to conceive.

To help the women conceive several new gadgets and apps have come out. They have been trustworthy in their applications and have been helping women a great deal. The applications help by keeping in track the monthly cycle, helps to take the daily temperature and also give the women the days on which there will be high fertility in their monthly cycle.

  • Wink: A discreet and a wireless oral thermometer for fertility check, Wink by Kindara helps in taking the basal body temperature. This particular app has been known to have helped nearly more than 30,000 women to conceive. The app can help in keeping track the sexual activity, menstrual cycle and also the activity of the cervical fluid. This application is mainly available on devices that support android and iOS.
  • Daysy: This app is considered to be an all in one application that keeps track of the cycle and gives more information regarding the fertility window and gives the person the statistics. This app is considered to be effective up to 99%. Daysy can be downloaded only onto an iPhone.
  • Glow: Nearly more than 30,000 women have been able to check pregnancy with this app. This app helps to take the basal body temperature, ovulation dates, cycle efficiency and also gives women some health tips on the daily basis. This app also gives some useful points on some low cost fertility treatment programs for the women. The application is available for android and iOS.
  • Clue: As the name indicates, the app gives information to the women regarding their mood swings, menstrual cycles, activity of cervical fluids and also helps to take the temperature. It is available for both iOS and android.
  • ONDO: The app helps to take the basal temperature by syncing wirelessly to the person’s smartphone. It is available only for the iOS system.
  • KNOWHEN: The app is clinically tested and approved by the FDA. This uses the help of a little amount of saliva to check the ovulating days of the person. It is available in iOS and its web versions.
  • Ovia fertility: Developed by the people in Harvard, the app helps in the daily exercise, sleep, eating habits and also the monthly cycle of the person. This can be downloaded in devices using iOS and android.

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