Have a Healthy and Allergy-free Holiday

Have a Healthy and Allergy-free Holiday

Trees must be wiped: Before bringing the tree into the house, the live tree must be wiped down and dried. This prevents the tree from spreading mold spores, which is a common cause of allergy during this time. Each live tree has more than a dozen mold spores and each causes different respiratory problems. Within just days of placing inside the house, a live tree can spread mold spores throughout the house. Plants too should be watered and maintained well. A scent-free holiday: Though it is the festive season, scented stuff will almost certainly be a part of every house. Scented candles, perfumes, and air fresheners do not go well with almost all people. Irritated eyes and nose are symptoms of unacceptance of these perfumes. This causes respiratory problems. Try using flowers and other natural fragrances to liven the house up.

Scrubbing plants are the best: Some plants absorb the pollutants in the air, thereby reducing the harmful presence of pollutants and keeping the air in the house fresh usually. Scrubbing plants are kept inside the house during the cold winter season when the windows are usually closed. By using these plants, people with asthma and other respiratory allergies are bound to be safe.

Cleaning the air is as important as taking bath: Use HEPA purifiers, air filters, and other filters that purify the air around. By using these, indoor air allergies caused due to indoor pathogens becomes almost zero.

This is the time label analyzers are born: Become a label analyzer today, for an allergy free tomorrow. Holiday time, is it not? Therefore, the quantity of food bought maybe more, but quality? Definitely not. Make sure to look at the label before making the purchase because prevention is better than cure. The more lucid the label, the better the product. Start with this, and within no time one can become a label Nazi.

Do not over humidify the house: Yes, accepted. The house is as dry as Kalahari, but over humidifying the house is not the solution. Use the humidifier just to make the air breathable because either way, dry or highly humid, the chance of pathogen propagation is high. Snow Sprays are the worst things to buy now: Snow sprays cause more allergy than most things, especially during the wintertime. If the allergy does not ameliorate, and only worsens, be sure never to be near a snow spray again.

Decorate elaborately still keep them clean: Beautiful decorations are the best part of the festive season, but cleaning them is a tougher task. Do not overelaborate decorations unless one can clean them regularly, otherwise definitely someone in the house is definitely going down with an allergy.

Follow these few steps, and do not worry about allergies. Happy Christmas, and a happy festive season!

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