Heart’s friend in Ancient Practice: Yoga

Heart’s friend in Ancient Practice: Yoga

The effects of Yoga have long been known in Indian culture and thus being practiced by many as a initiative towards a healthy lifestyle. In today’s life of hurry and stress, it’s not just Indians but the west also admires Yoga to keep them physically fit There are people researching on the utility of Yoga on the lifestyle of people and one such research reveals that along with other benefits, one important thing Yoga can do is profit your heart.

The researchers state that it is far more useful than other exercises such as walking. They believe and the research states that Yoga helps in keeping control over blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. So it clearly doesn’t state Yoga on itself decreases chances of heart related risks but Yoga’s help in leading a healthy life does help in decreasing them.

No doubt Yoga alone cannot save one from heart risks but leading a healthy life comes true and becomes easier with Yoga. Yoga tends to relax body and mind with its different poses of meditation, stretching the body and relaxation. These help in controlling blood pressure and also burn calories, which in turn means it has a positive effect on your heart. But Yoga is not medication that makes you sure of the result but yes, it helps you prevent any farther damage and repair what’s already caused to some extent.


A complication may arise when it comes to choosing the form or style of Yoga since there are many ranging from mild ones to the exhaustive ones. Researchers tested different style on people of different age groups ranging from healthy and fit youths to adults with risk factors of heart diseases. Though, it cannot be absolutely said that which style suits the best or what should be the frequency of it so as to get a healthier heart. It is clever enough to understand that getting good results for heart depends on combination of various activities you do such as walking, cycling, swimming, strengthening and also including Yoga.


What add to these activities are them accompanied by a low calorie meal and your steps towards maintaining a healthier Along with living a healthier lifestyle, it is your responsibility towards yourself to ensure that you have regular cholesterol and blood pressure checks and get vaccines yearly. One of the many important things towards keeping your heart healthy is quitting smoking and any tobacco consumption. Also, keeping an optimum count on your alcohol consumption is a primary need. Being away from the heart diseases is no big deal when you have the accurate knowledge of your limits, needs and an ancient culture.

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