How to decrease anxiety in minutes

How to decrease anxiety in minutes

Some people who regularly have panic attacks mostly find that they have a low quality of life but this is not necessary, you can do a lot to prevent from getting panic attacks but not everybody is aware of what these methods are. Fortunately from now on you will be aware!

Breathing exercises and helping thoughts

If you feel anxiety coming up try to focus on your breathing, breath in via your nose, hold for a second, and breath out via your mouth, continue this process, you will see that your anxiety level will drop gradually as you continue breathing. Whilst breathing try to think of helping thoughts, an example of a helping thought for a person who is afraid to faint due to having eaten insufficient to his/her opinion is: “I am healthy, being hungry is no reason for me to faint” of course you won’t believe yourself at first and that is no problem, you have to experience that these thoughts are correct and helping you. These so called cognitions are used in treatments of agoraphobia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, amongst others. They can also be used by people who do not suffer from any anxiety disorder as everyone is nervous regularly.

If you experience feeling ( or having) panic attacks coming up  regularly or are anxious about things most people aren’t anxious about, go see a doctor and talk with him/her to find a solution. He/she understands when you are ashamed for your problems, you are not the only one.

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