Kitchen Remedies,as an adjuant to Allopathy.

Someone has rightly has survived many catastrophies in the can survive modern medicine too...Well PREVENTION should be the mantra,but there is no need for Doctors,modern medicine,no need for any stents or bypasses...we can cut down on the dosage of e.g.diabetic,give better postop care,  and help women feed after c.sections without their excuses that operation and epidurals were tough.  We cannot prevent Delhi smog in Nov.-Dec.  have to tolerate dry windy heat44 degree June-from April onwards...Air pollution is making one year old asthamatics and drugs dependant.   There are plenty of devices to purify water...but simple suggestions for dry air ,the dust and fumes polluted air....moisture settles dry summers Cooler is a better option . During dry winters we can create a small room full of steam with the help of any device.         Green veggies are good who can deny,provided they are not polished shiny with harmful chemicals..damaging our livers further...chicken is fattened by steroid injs ,indirectly we are consuming steroids.         Eat raw veggies..and not covered by nature fruits like apples guavas...bananas ans oranges have a natural peel...harmless to it them as they are-fruit form,not juices.coriander,mint,Indian gooseberry(amla) combine and make a chutney...even children can be conned into eating amla, as a bread spread,or inany other way adults are eating their chutneys.....but all these raw veggies and fruits need to be soaked in water having few methi(fenugreek)seeds,   as these seeds have a property of killing all kinds of germs including ova of them as you take them out of water without furthur  a  wash as methi seeds are harmless to humans.           Nothing more to say regarding properties of ginger garlic.....but they are blood thinners too...can lead to menorhagia in women....          Dry cough is natures way of evicting foreign bodies,like dust and vehicle fumes....we have to give moisture to dry lungs...easiest way would be ginger-herbal tea,while its being made on a low fire,the person can cover the head and face with towel and try inhaling steam as well..sort of multitasking too..Dont forget Honey as a natural ,harmless sweetener that retains moisture too....Milk,about 2L boiled along with 4-5 dates ,kept overnight...consumed nextday after a single boil a rich source of Iron and other minerals besides natural calcium of milk.           An apple a day might keep Doctors away but banana is equally nourishing,cheap and available throughout the year.                  Its good to have lots of plants in and around our house but do sprinkle some water on the leaves too to remove dust on them as open and clean pores on leaves will give us more fresh oxygen...........Dont know who coined this phrase...ek karela  doosra neem charhha(bitter guard is competing with neem,another bitter plant,)Both are good for our bodies,as detoxifying agents,useful for diabetics available in capsule forms,easy to consume.....We require some bitterness to keep our psyches healthy.....but We require lots of bitterness to purify our bloods!....       carry on with regular medications of allopathic kind...But we never know kitchen remedies become first line of therapy and allopathy dosage is bare minimum.

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