Slash 50% of cholesterol with new drugs

A new drug is introduced and with injection of it just once or twice a month it has the power to slash down LDL cholesterol level by about 50%. Research is in progress to see if any of these tentative agents known as PCSK9 inhibitors, prevent heart attack or improve heart diseases endurance.

Replacing valves without open heart surgery

Gone are the days when a replacement of aortic valves was done by open heart surgery. With the new technique of transcatheter aortic valves replacement (TAVR), there is no need of a open heart surgery. It offers a way to fix a rigid, conical aortic valve without an open heart surgery. It transports the new valve through a thin tube known as catheter that is threaded into an artery in the groin and gently maneuvered into the heart. According to a research it is found that people who undergo TAVR had a higher one-year survival rate then the people who were subjected with an open heart surgery for replacement of aortic valves. At present this kind of surgery i.e. TAVR is permitted for people measured too sick or high risk for valve replacement surgery.

Renal enervation loses shine

Treatment for inflexibly high blood pressure failed an essential test which was earlier regarded to be a capable experimental healing. Renal enervation zaps the nerve ending in arteries that direct to the kidneys, it makes the arteries incapable to fuel the kidneys. This can change how the kidney controls the blood pressure. The technique proved ineffectual than a deception method for lowering blood pressure.

Doctor to keep a tab on seriously ill patients

With the help of advanced technology, now doctors will be able to keep a track on patient suffering form serious heart failure by a device that measures pressure in the pulmonary artery, which a basically responsible to transport blood from the heart to lungs. The Cardio MEMS HF structure is entrenched in the pulmonary artery. The technique used is so advanced that it automatically sends the data wirelessly to a doctor who can deal with the situation and then adjust the persons treatment according and at times there is no need of visit to the hospital. This can put a stop to hospitalization for blaze of heart failure indication.

There are other advances which include recently confirmed cardiovascular benefits from weight loss surgical treatment and the use of constant upbeat airway pressure for sleep. The medicine helps prevent blood clots that have had a heart attack. Through advances in science and the treatment stroke is preventable and soon there will be a new drug for hear failure.

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