Obesity may also lead to cancer

Obesity may also lead to cancer

Cancer can be found in humans, animals and other living organisms. There are about 200 types of cancer. Breast, Lung, Bladder and Kidney cancer are the names of few types of cancer and Lung, stomach, liver, and breast cancer cause the most cancer deaths each year. 14.1 million New cases were added universally in the year 2012.

Do people actually know what the basic symptoms of cancer are? To name a few, these are

  • Changes in their testicles
  • Problems while peeing
  • Blood in their pee or stool
  • Changes in Lymph Nodes
  • Trouble in swallowing, etc.

Studies have shown that only few percentages of the all cancers are inherited. Then what actually causes cancer?

  • Chemical or toxic compound exposure.
  • Ionizing Radiation.
  • Pathogens
  • Chewing tobacco, cigarette smoke, etc.

During the past 10 years the percentage of obese adults and children has surged. Obesity is the excess body fat which has gathered around the body which causes number of health problems. It causes Cardiovascular diseases, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart diseases, High cholesterol diseases.

In 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults were overweight. Out of these 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese. A recent study of American Heart Association has suggested that obesity causes cancer as well.

It has also found that a person who is overweight increases the chances for developing cancer by 50 percent. Obesity is associated with increased risks of the following cancer types, Esophagus, Pancreas, Colon and rectum, Breast (after menopause). More recent studies suggest that obesity may also increase the risk of other types of cancer, including, hepatic and gallbladder cancer.

A study has found that in the year 2007 in United States about 34K new cases of cancer in men and 50K in women were due to obesity. These figures help one to know about the severe impact of obesity on individuals.

Eating too much and moving too little causes obesity. But there are lots of other factors which become a cause for obesity.

  • Poor diet
  • Genetics
  • lack of physical activity
  • Medical reasons, etc.

Obesity can be avoided easily. People just have to keep a check on their eating patterns and how much they exercise. If these steps do not show any significant results in the weight loss then people can opt for medications or surgery.

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