Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Some Must Know Facts

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Some Must Know Facts

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a psychiatric problem that is often wrongly feared by many people who do not understand this ailment. Obsessive compulsive disorder also, commonly referred to as OCD occurs along with other problems such as depression, anxiety, paranoia or other psychiatric ailments. A person who is afflicted with OCD often feels the urgent need to perform a certain act in order to reduce a certain fear or though that he or she might have. For instance, many people who are affected with this ailment, often practice extreme cleanliness due to a fear they might have. The act of having a shower over and over again to prevent a disease is why this psychiatric ailment is known to cause obsessive behaviour that can only be relieved by completing compulsions acts.

Every year thousands of children and adults are diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in USA, but most people are not aware that this problem affects not only Americans but people of different nationalities as well. This ailment can be triggered due to many reasons such as stress and fear; however it is believed that only people who carry the OCD gene or people who have low levels of serotonin in their brains are affected with chronic or acute OCD.

Majority of the population in the world have some type of OCD but most people control or ignore these symptoms since they are relatively very less as compared to people who are being treated for chronic or acute OCD. This ailment is treatable but can usually not be cured which means that the symptoms can be controlled up to a large extent with medications and deep breathing exercises. Since physical activity releases serotonin in the brain of humans, exercising for 30-45 minutes a day can also help in reducing the symptoms of this condition. There are many FDA approved drugs available to people who want to control OCD and these drugs can be purchased with the help of a prescription from a doctor. Majority of the drugs used to control Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, either provide additional doses of serotonin in the brain or help the brain synthesis serotonin through natural ingredients. Prozac is one of the few drugs available to patients who want to control OCD but keep in mind that all drugs especially prescribed drugs have side effects when they are taken without proper knowledge.

While it was believed that making a person aware of their psychiatric ailment will help them reduce their symptoms, the truth is that sheer will power cannot help a patient affected with OCD control the urges he or she feels. Psychiatric help along with medication and support from the family is a must for all OCD patients. Many patients have reported that a nurturing environment has helped them get a grip on their problems which in turn has reduced stress and symptoms of this psychiatric illness.

Although the term ailment and illness is used in this guide, to help caretakers and family members understand the seriousness of this condition, it is important to remember that OCD patients need to be taken care of and spoken to carefully. These terms should be used very sparingly with OCD patients mainly because these individuals feel afflicted at all times, and using these terms will only make them feel worse. People who suffer from OCD must be treated with love and care; however they should be encouraged to control their symptoms as much as they can. This can only be done through positive re-enforcement. A patient should never be threatened into controlling his or her symptoms since this will cause the condition to get worse over time.

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