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  • The word LASER is an acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" which means that the intense and narrow beam of light is of ONE wavelength. The three characteristics of a LASER are that they are MONOCHROMATIC, COHERENT and COLLIMATED. …l, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr Lall's Dental Centre, Delhi.

  • The most common problem people face while advancing towards old age is JOINT PAIN problem. And most of the people think that the main reason behind this problem is coming of old age. Well this is just an excuse. There are various factors affecting the joint pain problems in human…removed and replaced with a plastic or metal device called prosthesis.

  • In today's world even a minor headache is considered as a migraine headache. But do you actually know that the headache that you are getting is migraine headache or just another headache? Do you know what exactly migraine headache is? What are the causes and symptoms of migra…r it is required preventing severe migraine headache to occur in time.

  • Depression is not something like “One Size Fits All”. The causes and symptoms of depression vary from one individual to another. Clinical depression is more than just the “blues,” being “down in the dumps,” or experiencing temporary feelings of…r time and money which would be spent in paying a visit to the doctor.

  • What do you know about diabetes? Is it a life threatening disease? What are its types? What are its major causes and how can it be prevented? Well here are the answers to some very basic questions regarding diabetes. Diabetes is a serious, lifelong disease. It cannot be c… the best advice to prevent or delay diabetes for as long as possible.

  • Your loved one is suffering from high temperature or in simpler words fever. You aren't sure what it is. How to make an approach for the treatment? It could be a viral infection, bacterial infection or jus be slight variation of body temperature due to some metabolism activit…assisted with the best possible advice for the welfare of the patient.

  • Baldness and thinning of scalp hair are conditions that affect almost one-third of all men in their thirties and, fifty percent by their fifties.  Infrequently, some women also experience noticeable hair loss. There are many causes for hair loss including systemic diseases, …s. The end result is a hairline similar to the patient's original one.

  • What do you do when you need medical attention but you can't get it? This happens due to some unavoidable circumstances such as, You are too busy with work. You are on a vacation and there isn't any doctor available nearby. Clinics are not open during …ed in case of emergencies or when the physical assiatance is required.

  • The basic questions arising in individual minds in day to day life regarding basic health issues are: What is Blood Pressure? How does Low Blood Pressure or High Blood Pressure affect our health? Is it normal to avoid medical attention in case one has a slight low/hi… at the initial stages thus avoiding any complication in later stages.

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