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  • Dr Tanaji S Bangar, Family Physician, Chinchwad,Pune The basic questions arising in individual minds in day to day life regarding basic health issues are: What is Blood Pressure? How does Low Blood Pressure or High Blood Pressure affect our health? Is it normal to avo… at the initial stages thus avoiding any complication in later stages.

  •   What is the correct age for using contact lenses? Any person at any age can use contact lenses provided he or she is motivated to take care of the lenses and the lenses are prescribed and dispensed by qualified personnel. Even a child can use contact lenses if requir… method to get rid of spectacles without undergoing any surgery. 

  •   What is cataract and what is its treatment? Nature has given us a natural lens in our eyeball. This lens is normally transparent. If due to certain reasons like old age, diabetes, injury to eyeball etc it becomes opaque, the person cannot see properly and we say that…available in the market is good enough to give reasonably good vision.

  • Hydronephrosis & Antenatal Counselling Currently most pregnant women undergo one or two ultrasound scans during their pregnancy. When the fetus is scanned, kidneys and the urinary tracts are analyzed, In addition the volume of liquor (amniotic fluid) also helps to suspect ki…urther information contact:; Mobile 9840359062

  • At presents, many peoples are suffering from "constipation".Ayurvedic medicines are effectively doing work for "constipation" than other drugs.and also effect hole digestive system of the body.such as-Triphala,Haritaki etc. so,my dear friends have a good health for u........ Take Care...............

  • Iwould like to share others opinions too..mine may be biased,one sided,and confined to obeservations and experience within a narrow village,within heart of Delhi,approachable by any charity organisation,doing jobs for rural folks,in the process pampering them,as if netas were not…tation,family planning,other sensitive issues fearing villagers wrath.

  • There is lots to do....but its more fulfilling,inspiring..more of a learning process..if daily some kind deed is done without asking for or hoping for any rewards...that is possible at an individual level only there are no hope of asking for tax exemptions....… to see and feel gratitude  that carries no pricetags. 

  • Bedwetting Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) is involuntary voiding of urine during sleep at least three times a week in a child aged 5 years or older. It is a common worldwide problem affecting both boys and girls below 16 years. It can be a distressing experience for the child a…urther information contact:; Mobile 9840359062

  • Hypospadias Little baby boys pass urine like a fountain. Small lads can stand and pass urine straight with an ability to point the stream where they want, like a fire-man's hose. This is possible because the urine comes out of the opening at the tip of the penis. In boys w…ft uncorrected, complications like infertility and torsion can result.

  • Urinary infection/Vesico Ureteric Reflux A child is considered to have urinary tract infection (UTI) when the urine of the child grows bacteria during a microbiological test and the amount is significantly high (more than one lakh per ml). During childhood 5% of girls and 2% of b…urther information contact:; Mobile 9840359062

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