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  • Rearrange your fridge contents: Avoid consuming stored food for long time in corner of your kitchen’s fridge. Avoid eating triggered food that is food that you may consume uncontrollably and may have compulsive overeating habits. The first option of such triggered foods might…even some time playing with your kids during this time is good option.

  • Air pollutants Pollutants are the main cause of pollution. They can be natural or man-made. These pollutants can be solid, liquid or gas particles. Natural pollutants are caused due to natural calamities which include earth quakes which lead to the generation of many harmful ga…d start thinking from today to lead a happy and refreshing life ahead.

  • Cold relief pills are a better option than Antibiotics: This is a common misconception that antibiotics cure common cold. But on the contrary, antibiotics kill bacteria, while viruses are responsible for causing cold. Not only are they ineffective in this scenario, they also incr…ure that you do not starve yourselves because it can cause body aches.

  • There are two things to be considered while discussing about smoking and they are, how smoking affects your health and knowing the effects why do people still smoke. Let us start by understanding the latter first. People smoke knowing its destructive consequences because of the…t also your future generations is enough to motivate you quit smoking.

  • What is Huntington’s disease? Huntington’s disease is mainly a genetic disorder that is as devastating that it appears as if diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS diseases have all bundled together and has declared a war on us. Huntington’s disease is a Death…itch which has accidently become On leading to Huntington’s Disease.

  • Some ways to keep yourself healthy in winter season Don’t leave your vitamins: Vitamins help you to fight cold in winter. Vitamin D decreases the risk of getting affected by cold. Don’t forget to meditate: More than half of your health problems get reduced by meditatin…in winters also. So don’t miss any chance of enjoying winter season!

  • Is this real?: Of late this kind of addiction has been considered credible by certain top notch universities which are funded by National Institutes of Health. There is a damaging relationship in a combination of specific kind of foods called hyperpalatables, sugar molecules and …e as the old adage rightly goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”

  • The symptoms in men generally are burning sensation while urinating or penile discharge or inflammation in the testicle region. While in women symptoms are extreme pelvic pain and frequent vaginal discharge, bleeding between menstrual cycle and inflammation in the vaginal area. I…a doctor, if they have multiple physical relationships within an year.

  • Explaining Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) DVT, is a typical blood clot condition which forms in deep lying veins of leg. These deep lying veins perform the function of draining blood back to heart to oxygenate them in lungs. Cause of formation of these blood clots is generally due …g about it. So, take prevention before it leads to heavy consequences.

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