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  • How do you fight the holiday stress? It isn’t for nothing that people say ‘you are what you eat. The next time you feel the blues creeping up on you, here are 7 food items you can include in your diet to combat stress. Oatmeal can boost serotonin levels Oatmeal may not so… etc all of which have shown to have calming effects on frayed nerves.

  • It is well known that a person suffering from diabetes is always suspected to suffer from Heart problems, High Cholesterol, cataract and gangrene etc. Diabetes has no solution till now and hence prevention is only the best solution to diabetes. Diabetes patients should keep the u…ke beans, soy, lentils and more fibrous food which are good for heart.

  • Women have started to consult several fertility doctors and have also started to undergo several medications in order to stimulate their fertility. With the advancements in the technology, developers have now come out with several new mobile applications and gadgets that have bee…f the person. This can be downloaded in devices using iOS and android.

  • Kids love to shop for their favorite costumes and go trick and treating with their siblings and friends. The scary costumes and house set-ups are generally harmless. But if you have a child with food or skin allergies you might have a lot to worry about. Halloween is the bigges…ds’ favourite. Prepare well and don’t let Halloween scare you off.

  • The Research: In communication with the journal, PNAS, the scientists said that our biological cycle is wired to support eating during daytime. Eating at nights tend to mess with our body’s metabolism. Our metabolism is main chemical process that helps us digest food and burn…ider what Professor Wright has to say. After all, health is important.

  • Cinnamon- is an important ingredient to curries and apple pies. Not only does it have an excellent aroma and flavour, it also has plethora of health benefits which you might be unacquainted of. From weight loss to blood sugar control it serves variety of purposes. It is unbelieva… cocktails Serves great with your lentil soup or vegetarian chilli

  • Nearly everyone feels lonely at one point in their life or other. It may be as a result of a sudden change in life – death of a loved one, breakdown of a relationship, change of job, etc. This is of course temporary but for people for whom it’s a way of life, it can have adve… find a definitive correlation between loneliness and gene expression.

  • Boss! A word describing a person, whom you always think of, can’t be sure because you like them but surely because you hate them. Well that’s the casual part of the discussion. A boss is a person who has a hell lot of responsibilities and one which dominates is your responsib… but also get the maximum out of their high status job for themselves.

  • This can be caused by the high level of cholesterol in the blood and also by the faulty removal of the fats from the body. The condition remains asymptomatic, that is, the condition does not show any kind of symptom to diagnose its onset in the body. Symptoms remain hidden for se…depend on the risk factors associated with the cardiovascular disease.

  • Miscarriage is the loss of a fetus on or before the 20th week of pregnancy. Mostly miscarriages occur within the first three months of pregnancy, and after 20th week the risk of miscarriage is relatively less. The symptoms of miscarriage includes bleeding, abdominal pain, fever. …checkups. Take full rest. And you will be blessed with a healthy baby.

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