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  • Hypertension is a result of unhealthy food and living habits among teenagers that increases the arterial congestion and consequently leads to high blood pressure. Genetics is also an important factor that causes high blood pressure. In America hypertension is so much prevalent th… necessary education that is helpful in keeping blood pressure at bay.

  • Another study showed that academic medical centers have been behind almost 40% of all of the charity care in the US. Academic Medical Centers have proved to be a boon to the US. Offer Extensive Training: They provide comprehensive training to physicians, making them versatil… perspectives, improved services and invaluable care to the community.

  • A report by Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention states that levels of NNAL, a carcinogen found only in tobacco was equally high in cigar as well as cigarette smokers. The question of how this is possible arises as cigars are not inhaled as deeply as cigarettes. But a…at about dropping that cigar now and treat yourself to a healthy life?

  • A balanced diet is essential to provide proper nutrition to both mother and child. Even prior to pregnancy when a woman is planning to conceive, she is recommended to eat healthy food and include supplements in her diet in order to prepare her body for pregnancy. Balanced diet …owth and nourishment, make sure that you eat healthy during pregnancy.

  • Vaccinations produce antibodies in the body, recognize the diseases and destroy them. Making sure that your baby gets the correct immunization is an important responsibility for you and your partner. Vaccination is a simple procedure which involves injecting your baby with vacc…child vaccinated right from birth ensures its healthy life and future.

  • A new born is totally dependent on its mother for all its food requirements and nourishment. And it is the mother’s milk that supplies all the essential nutrients and helps her infant grow into a healthy and strong toddler. There are some nutrients in the breast milk that help …u relax. It also delays the comeback of menstruation after childbirth.

  • Now, begins the time when you will make a giant leap from pregnancy to parenting.  Your baby is going to be dependent upon you for its survival. So, now comes the need for you to become a good parent. As a parent you will not only be responsible for taking care of your baby but …hers to understand and judge when their baby requires being breastfed.

  • Six weeks after giving birth to your child, you are liable to visit the doctor for your post natal check up to make sure that you are recovering well from the birth. The purpose of the post natal checks is to assess the health and recovery of the new mother, and discuss any such …or your check up, make sure that you get your baby’s check arranged.

  • Weight loss is one of the most important aspects of the post pregnancy period. Though some women naturally lose the additional weight after pregnancy, many women face difficulties in losing weight. A combination of exercise and balanced diet is a very effective way of losing weig…se extra pounds and get back into your pre baby shape.  Happy Losing!

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