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  • Approximately 2/3 of human conceptions fail to achieve viability and an estimated 50% are lost before the first missed menstrual period. A bad pregnancy history does not mean that you will always suffer from miscarriage or infertility. It does not mean that you can never have a… remember one thing; past performance does not predict future results.

  • Genetic counselling can help you   decide, whether to seek preventive or early treatment for a disease or disorder for which you or your baby is at high risk. With the guidance of genetic counsellors you can sort out all the information about genetic disorders and make informed …ptional planning helps make the transition to motherhood a smooth one!

  • Visiting your doctor before you are trying to conceive can help you prepare for a healthier pregnancy and baby. The pre-pregnancy checks can ascertain a lot of facts about your body and let you remove any potential harm from your life. They also let you actively pursue proper nut…ancy period. This will result in an enjoyable and healthy baby-making!

  • Giving birth is a very special feeling but sometimes it can get a little complicated. There are two types of deliveries, first is vaginal and the second is the C-section (cesarean section). Vaginal delivery is the natural way of birthing a baby; on the other hand, a C-section mig…ate the arrival of this new life that you have brought into the world.

  • Delivering in hospitals is the only choice for women who have a high risk pregnancy or are vulnerable to complications; as these women require anesthesia and other pain relievers which are easily accessible in hospitals. In case of any complication or emergency, the hospital has …nd find out if you are fit to go ahead with a normal vaginal delivery.

  • If you are in labor, but for some reason it is not proceeding as it is supposed to, then the doctor may use some techniques to induce labor. If you have not delivered and your due date has already passed then induced labor might be required. Waiting for more than two weeks past t…chnique that is most suitable to your condition at that point of time.

  • Even though the date of the delivery can be calculated (which is not absolutely accurate), there is no way to determine when labor is going to start. Your body will start preparing itself for labor one month prior to delivery. However, there are some symptoms that your body wil…position of your baby. Enjoy a beautiful life ahead with your newborn.

  • The emotional support that you get during the labor along with the medications will make the process much easier for you. So you don’t need to worry about your labor and just enjoy the phase and the feeling of carrying a life inside you. Many women wish to know what kinds of …and just enjoy the time that you spend with your little bundle of joy!

  • Pre-conceptional planning and precautions; and devoted care and medical support during pregnancy help in achieving a normal pregnancy. A normal pregnancy substantiates a healthy and normally developed fetus. The scans and ultrasounds in the early pregnancy make it possible to d…the best person to inform you about which medicines are to be avoided.

  • The causes can be conditions you already have or conditions you develop. The risk factors can affect the health of a woman during pregnancy and even before she becomes pregnant. These conditions can even complicate the process of delivery or child birth. However, if your doctor…y possible to manage a high risk pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

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