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  • Pregnancies are categorized as Normal and High-risk pregnancies. A normal pregnancy is a pregnancy with no complications; wherein the journey from pregnancy to delivery is a smooth one and the baby is given birth normally, through a vaginal delivery. But in either of these two pr… encourages proper nourishment of your baby while it’s in your womb.

  • Breast feeding ensures the best possible health as well as developmental and psychosocial outcomes for the baby. Breast fed babies are protected from various illnesses, including influenza, pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis, botulism and measles. Babies are unpredictable and … by the twelfth month increase the quantity to one-fourth to half cup.

  • Post pregnancy period brings with itself a whole bunch of questions, lot of anxiety and excitement. You will have questions about, which changes occurring to you are normal and which are abnormal. Another question that is likely to bother you is about your menstruation. Some wome…th time. Moreover, post partum depression is treatable and manageable.

  • After caring for yourself and your baby during pregnancy, you may feel that you are all set and prepared to get going with this new responsibility. The truth is; you are but not completely. Caring for a new born is a new and different experience. And elders say it is always bette… hold your baby in the correct style, providing a comfortable support.

  • The ‘nine-month long wait’ has ended, however, what you still need to keep up to, are your high spirits. Post pregnancy is a beautiful period, where you will experience mixed emotions. On one side, is the joy and happiness that come along with the baby and on the other side, …ng complete rest and getting others to help you with the newborn baby.

  • Every pregnancy is different and the symptoms that each woman experiences may also differ. Some symptoms may commence immediately and some may commence later. The most common early signs of pregnancy are: Morning sickness; vomiting or nausea Fatigue Missed period or ve…our preparation for welcoming the new one in your life must be superb!

  • In simple words, it is the time before you conceive or become pregnant. The preconception period involves preparing yourself mentally and physically before you get pregnant. If you are trying to have a baby or are just thinking about it, it is the best time to plan and prepare fo…ms of your health and fitness, your habits, medicinal supplements etc.

  • Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling but as a process it has its ups and downs. There are a lot changes that happen to a woman; physical and emotional, during the course of nine months. During pregnancy, along with the growth and development of the baby, a pregnant woman also experie…w begin. Meet the little bundle of joy with open arms. Happy cuddling!

  • Be Satisfied with Less Some people surround themselves with material things in the belief that accumulating things is the key to happiness. Then they’re surprised when “things” don’t bring satisfaction. Take a different approach. Cultivate gratitude for what you already…complicated. Think how much simpler things will be if you do all five!

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder is a psychiatric problem that is often wrongly feared by many people who do not understand this ailment. Obsessive compulsive disorder also, commonly referred to as OCD occurs along with other problems such as depression, anxiety, paranoia or other p…r symptoms since this will cause the condition to get worse over time.

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