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  •   Moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea increases the risk of coronary heart disease or death by 68% in men under the age of 70, but does not increase the risk for men over 70 or for women, researchers reported Monday. Previous studies have also found an increased ris…ive sleep apnea to discuss it with their primary care physician."

  •   Most of us don’t think of snoring as something to be overly concerned about—unless our bed partner is disrupting our sleep! But frequent, loud snoring may be a sign of sleep apnea, a common and potentially serious disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops …s, symptoms can become worse after surgery.      

  • Most of the causes of cerebral palsy do not have specific, curative treatments. However, children with cerebral palsy present many medical problems that can be treated or prevented. The initial stage of treatment involves an interdisciplinary team, consisting of a pediatrician, p…treatment of adults with cerebral palsy or developmental disabilities.

  • The term cerebral palsy does not indicate the cause or prognosis of the child with cerebral palsy. There are many possible causes of cerebral palsy. In full term infants the cause of cerebral palsy is usually prenatal and not related to events at time of delivery; in most insta…es for genetic disorders has made the number of such cases much lower.

  • What is cerebral palsy? Cerebral palsy (CP) is an abnormality of motor function (as opposed to mental function) and postural tone that is acquired at an early age, even before birth. Signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy usually show in the first year of life. This abnormality…e of cerebral palsy in children born full term and with normal weight.

  •   Our ancestors thought people who drank tea made from Tulsi, never got old. Tulsi has an immense influence on your health. It helps to eradicate breathing problems as well as headache. It also helps to maintain mental clarity. Try it out: Just break the Tulsi leaf and…om clearer thinking to better sleep and keep your immune system strog.

  •     Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally and is a major contributor to the burden of chronic diseases. It means nothing but the generalized accumulation of excess fat in the body. The carbohydrates (glycogen) and protein stores in the human body are limit…range so that the body does not get a chance to accumulate excess fat.

  •   Is an Artificial sweetener good for your health? Many researches have been done to improve the better status of the nutrition for the human being; but we mostly see the benefits of the product while developing it not drawbacks. Now a dayS, People are becoming more awar…aspartame/ 2.

  •     Want to control your blood sugar level. Then have these nutrients in your daily diet As our diet is much carbohydrate oriented which causes us to overproduce insulin. And insulin, when we are missing those three important nutrients named Chromium, CoQ-10 and Vit…esis for treatment," Altern. Med. Rev. Apr. 2002;7(2):94-111

  •   Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin which occurs in two forms in nature. It occurs in its true form (also called retinol) in animal foods such as fish oil and liver. In this form , it is readily used by the body. It is stored in and released by the liver. However, in orde…d dermatitis. It’s also known to prevent kidney stone.  

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