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  • Negative thoughts and feelings can impair your health and interfere with the smooth functioning of your heart. When I see people sweating it out in the gym, my attention is often drawn to those who have converted this healthy regimen into a tedious ritual, an ordeal, or a mind-…ortant to be normal and accept one’s emotions.    

  • Compromising sleep due to working in shifts is hazardous to your health. A little lifestyle adjustment can help. Violating the laws of nature can distort the body’s orchestra leading to physical and psychological disorders. The worst affected are those who work in shifts.…ing back the rhythm may take time, but it can be achieved.  

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency Vitamin B12 has many important functions in the body. It works with the B vitamin folate to make our body's genetic material. It helps keep levels of the amino acid homocysteine in check, which may help decrease heart disease risk, and it is essential… speak to your doctor about a blood test to check B12 levels.  

  • Today, as a society we enjoy a higher standard of living. Hence not only do we enjoy better comforts but also a higher standard of health and health care. Longevity as a result of better nutrition, hygiene and education regarding preventative measures, is both a boon and a curse…o, to improve the Quality of Life for the patient and his care-givers.

  •   Introduction Background A corneal ulcer is defined as a disruption of the epithelial layer with involvement of the corneal stroma. This condition is associated with inflammation, either sterile or infectious. The primary purpose of this article is to highlight the …nderlying systemic conditions and manage them appropriately.  

  • In a rural area within heart of Delhi,and all around villages in Delhi,wherever development has taken place in the form of multiplexes,malls,corporate hospitals,multinationals etc,...but rural areas have their own rules of survival,there are innumerable Doctors,unqualified quacks…le get the Deserves...people also get Drs. it Deserves...

  • EFFECTS OF HIV INFECTION ON NUTRITION HIV/AIDS is well known for causing severe weight loss known as wasting. Whereas starving people tend to lose fat first, the weight lost during HIV infection tends to be in the form of lean tissue, such as muscle. This means there may be chan…ish journal of clinical pharmacology 45(4) -------------- --------

  • Medicines are important to help us get cured at the right time. But popping medicines on our own, without the doctor's consult can become fatal. Here are some few list of medicine, which gives adverse reacti…tor before they can be taken. Or else things could take the back side.

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