Pregnancy and Babycare: Choose Place of Delivery

Pregnancy and Babycare: Choose Place of Delivery

Delivering in hospitals is the only choice for women who have a high risk pregnancy or are vulnerable to complications; as these women require anesthesia and other pain relievers which are easily accessible in hospitals. In case of any complication or emergency, the hospital has medically experienced practitioners who are there for you. The hospital can also provide a postpartum care, just in case you need it. The drawbacks of giving birth in a hospital are; lack of privacy and staying away from your family. According to a study, the chances of infections or caesarean birth are the highest in hospitals.

Another place where you can give birth to your child is a birth center. Most of the birth centers have a friendly and homely environment and many of them are located in houses that have been converted into birth centers. They are a perfect choice for women who long for the care and comfort of home in their labor stage. These birth centers provide you personalized care; according to your personal needs. The staff at the center is cooperative and gives you all the emotional, physical and informative support during labor and post delivery. Though most of these centers are located near hospitals and can give you expert care if and when required, they may not be able to provide you medical supervision immediately in case of an emergency. Medications for pain are also not readily available just in case you require one.

Giving birth to your child in your own home might sound very special but it requires a lot of arrangement. Many institutions provide midwives or female care takers who will be at your side during the phase of pregnancy, delivery and post delivery. They take care of you in your home, according to your needs and requirements. You wouldn’t have to stay away from your family. Delivering your baby at home in the presence of near and dear ones might actually make you less nervous about the whole procedure. However, this option too has some drawbacks. Some women, who plan to deliver the baby at home, happen to switch to hospitals before or after the delivery in order to take precautions or medications against any complications that may occur. If you plan to birth your child in your house then it will be wise if you also plan ahead of any emergency situation. Make sure that you have medical arrangement and transport in case of an emergency.

All being said and done, the decision about the place of delivery lies with you and your partner and is subject to your requirements. If you are planning to give birth to your child in a place other than the hospital then make sure that you consult your doctor about it, well in advance and find out if you are fit to go ahead with a normal vaginal delivery.

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