Pregnancy and Babycare: Labour Delivery

Pregnancy and Babycare: Labour Delivery

The emotional support that you get during the labor along with the medications will make the process much easier for you. So you don’t need to worry about your labor and just enjoy the phase and the feeling of carrying a life inside you.

Many women wish to know what kinds of changes will their body show when they go into labor. However, the truth is that every pregnancy is different and so is labor. There are some signs that your body will show you naturally to hint at your approaching labor. You will feel that breathing is much easier for you than before as “lightning” (when the baby positions himself to come out) takes place or as your water will break. Call your doctor immediately if you feel that your labor has started. You don’t need to feel embarrassed if it turns out to be a false alarm. First time moms often make a trip to hospital thinking that their labor has started!

Delivery is a part of pregnancy that might feel very long and tiring. Make sure that you have made all arrangements in the hospital before the birth of your child as it will make things easier for you if you have to rush to the hospital in case of an emergency. If the situation is not very complicated then you will have a normal vaginal delivery. However, a cesarean section might be needed just in case things get complicated. You don’t need to worry as you won’t feel a thing after the anesthesia is administered to you.  After the delivery, make sure that you take a lot of rest. Post delivery care is not only important for you but for your child as well. What you eat will be your baby’s food for first few months. So take care of yourself, eat well and just enjoy the time that you spend with your little bundle of joy!

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