Pregnancy and Babycare: Responsibilities towards New Born

Pregnancy and Babycare: Responsibilities towards New Born

After caring for yourself and your baby during pregnancy, you may feel that you are all set and prepared to get going with this new responsibility. The truth is; you are but not completely. Caring for a new born is a new and different experience. And elders say it is always better to start a new task with a piece of advice.

Naturally, as a mother you will leave no stone unturned to ensure your baby’s well-being, yet there are a few aspects that constitute a major part of baby care and thus, call for your special attention. These are:-

  • Understanding your baby and its growth and development
  • Health of the new born baby
  • Keeping the baby safe and secure

The new born cannot speak yet there is an extraordinary and incredible bond between the mother and baby, which develops from the unbelievable understanding the two share. In beginning a new mother may find it to difficult to understand her baby and its actions but as soon as the first few days pass, she will be able to assess and judge her baby’s signs. As a mother it is very important for you to know that a baby communicates and expresses its feelings through the way of crying. A baby may cry due to wet nappy, hunger, pain, illness or loneliness. Most of the times, a baby cries when it needs something. Your responsibility here is that you promptly respond to your crying baby. It is also important for you to understand your baby’s growth and development in the first month. The head and neck of a baby are unstable and should be sensitively held and provided a comfortable support, whenever you hold the baby. By monitoring the weight of your baby, you can know if the baby is getting the right nourishment for its growth and development.

Health of the new born is the most important concern for any mother. Feeding the baby at regular intervals, changing the wet nappy without delay, carefully sponging or bathing the baby, holding the baby comfortably and flawlessly, ensuring its sleep and following with the immunizations and post natal checks are some crucial factors that constitute the health care of the baby.

The baby feels safe and secure when it is in your arms. The baby spent the past 9 months cuddled up in your womb. So it is likely that it may feel lonely or scared when it is not in your arms. If your baby cries it means that it either needs you or needs something from you such as a feed, a nappy change or repositioning. Picking up the baby when it is crying, makes him/her feel better. And promptly responding to its needs helps the baby to learn trusting people and know that somebody is always there to take care of it. To ensure your baby’s safety you are also advised to use a bed net for both of you, while sleeping. And make sure that you hold your baby in the correct style, providing a comfortable support.

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