Pregnancy and Babycare: Self Care After Delivery

Pregnancy and Babycare: Self Care After Delivery

Post pregnancy period brings with itself a whole bunch of questions, lot of anxiety and excitement. You will have questions about, which changes occurring to you are normal and which are abnormal. Another question that is likely to bother you is about your menstruation. Some women mistake the post pregnancy bleeding as period, but it is not the case. Post partum bleeding is just a way in which your body expels excess mucus, blood and placental tissue after giving birth. This form of bleeding is experienced by every woman who delivers a baby, either vaginally or through a cesarean section. This bleeding can go up till 5-6 weeks. By taking proper rest and sleep and avoiding excessive walking or standing, you can make the going easier. The start of your period after delivery depends upon breastfeeding and your hormonal composition. The prolactin present in your breast milk tends to suppress the menstruation after pregnancy.

Post partum weight loss and post partum depression are another two important issues that you will be faced with. For most of the women, their post pregnancy body appearance is a big worry. To get rid of the enlarged belly, stretch marks and weight gain, after giving birth to her baby is every woman’s desire. It is very important for you to take good care of your diet. Your diet should be a balanced and nutritious one. The food should cater 3 needs. Firstly, it should be food for lactation; to produce milk and provide essential nutrients to the milk. Secondly, eat food that is good for healing in order to recover soon from the post pregnancy body aches and make up for any deficiency of proteins. Thirdly, eat food for weight loss. Eat food that’s healthy but not too high on calories. Eating foods that aim at weight loss, exercising and indulging in light work outs will help you shed those extra kilos.

Post pregnancy depression is quite common among new mothers. Depression could be in the form baby blues, mood swings, emotional unrest and negative thinking. A lot of women experience these feelings after delivering their baby. At this point of time, you require constant support and understanding from your partner and family. This is only a temporary phase and will go away with time. Moreover, post partum depression is treatable and manageable.

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