Shorter days of rest for Concussion

Shorter days of rest for Concussion

The findings of a new study showed, a strict rest for 5 days did not heal symptoms of concussion for adolescents to the current advice of one to two days of rest followed by a gradual return to activity, reported by Dr. Danny G. Thomas told Reuters Health. Study showed opposite findings from the research that was done last year. Study noted, teenagers that were advised to take five day rest actually reported more symptoms over the course of study, delineated by Thomas, of the department of paediatrics, emergency medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

The focus of attention while thinking to decrease agony from concussion should be to give as much rest to the brain until the symptoms recede, followed by gradual return to activity. The decision to arrive at the number of rest period cannot be fixed to a particular number. So the final decision to arrive at the number of rest period should be taken cautiously, delineated by Thomas.

The recommendation of rest period from doctors varies drastically. Many recommend longer periods of rest while some advice going for ‘cocoon therapy’ plus several days in complete darkness to rest the brain, but generally 24 to 48 hours of rest is recommended, Thomas and colleagues write in Paediatrics.

The research included 88 patients, aged from 11 to 22, with a concussion. Patients were divided into different groups. Some group were advised to take five days of strict rest with no work, no school, no physical activity while other were told to take only two days of rest followed by step wise return to activity.

The group which took rest for five days did not show any improvement in their symptoms. They needed more time for their symptoms to get better, and their condition worsened during the initial ten days compared to the group that rested for a day or two.

The determination of rest period should be dependent on a person’s age, gender, initial symptom level, the level of cognitive function, or other variable, published by some authors.

Doctors must use “the existing evidence, however limited, to develop a plan” for patients, Dr. William Meehan III and Dr. Richard Bachur of The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention in Waltham, Massachusetts, write in their commentary.

The best solution for the people who are suffering from concussion is to first take few days of rest followed by prompt follow-up with the paediatrician, sports medicine physician, or other capable provider.

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