Some Effective Ways to Simplify Your Life

Some Effective Ways to Simplify Your Life

Be Satisfied with Less

Some people surround themselves with material things in the belief that accumulating things is the key to happiness. Then they’re surprised when “things” don’t bring satisfaction. Take a different approach. Cultivate gratitude for what you already have. Rather than focus on possessions, switch your focus to non-material things - friends, pets, family and your health. Start a gratitude journal. In your journal write down five things you’re thankful for every day. Shift your focus to what you DO have rather than wishing for what you don’t.

Learn to Say No

Too many times we create unnecessary complications by overcommitting. Don’t fall into the “yes” trap. Learn to say “no” to things you don’t have time for, without feeling guilty or making an excuse. Practice saying these words, “I’m sorry. I’m unable to take on another obligation right now.” Then use them. There’s power in these words! It gets easier to say them after you’ve practiced a few times. People will respect you for being up front with them and won’t think any less of you if you say it in a friendly manner. In turn, you’ll simplify your life and have more free time.

Eliminate Dead Weight around the House

Clutter and disorganization hampers creativity and creates stress. Go through your house one room at a time with fresh eyes. Decide what items are most important to you and package up the rest to sell at a garage sale or donate to charity. Tackle a different room each week until you’ve eliminated everything you no longer need. Have a good reason for keeping anything that stays. Don’t hang on to it because you might need it in the future. Are you really going to wear that t-shirt you tie dyed in sixth grade?

Do you have problems discarding things? Imagine your house is engulfed by a fire and everything is destroyed. Ask yourself which items you would replace. These are the things you should hang on to. You’ll be surprised how having fewer possessions will “declutter” and free your mind.

Let Go of Toxic Relationships

Sometimes we hang on to people that make life complicated - “friends” that call at all hours, people who spend hours complaining and individuals at work who make your life difficult. After learning to say no to commitments, use your newly discovered assertiveness to let go of toxic friendships too. You don’t need to deal with frustrating people who do nothing but make your life complicated. You know who they are - the whiners, drama queens and gossips that never seem to stop talking - or whining. There’s no easy way to tell a person you don’t want to be friends anymore. Be straightforward and honest. Let them know you have limited free time and need to spend time on other projects.

Cut Back on Social Media

Social sites are a great place to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances but it can also be a time suck that makes your life overly complicated. Set aside a specified amount of time for social media and email a day. Reserve social media for the end of the day when you’ve already accomplished everything else.

Be judicious. Don’t feel the need to “like” every post and don’t stop what you’re doing to answer emails or friend requests. Get out of the habit of sharing everything you do on Facebook and Twitter. Be selective with what you post. While you’re at it, unsubscribe from email lists that flood your email box with clutter. More free time to do things other than hanging out on the computer! Now you have five ways to make your life simpler. Implementing any one of these will make your life less complicated. Think how much simpler things will be if you do all five!

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