Stevens Johnson Syndrome-Miracles of Scleral lenses

Stevens Johnson syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that usually follows a drug reaction. It is a severe life threatening condition. However, for most who survive the acute episode, the disease leaves behind serious aftermaths. Amongst the most severely affected systems, eyes form the major part. SJS affects the ocular surface leading to severe dry eyes, recurrent episodes of inflammation and redness and also keratinization of the ocular surface and eventually permanent blindness. Cornea transplant fails in most of these cases due to severe dry eyes. In order to restore the ocular surface, we now have an option called scleral contact lenses. These are special contact lenses that cover the entire ocular surface, act as a water reservior and also avoid friction of the keratinized lids with the corneal surface. This can lead to improvement in dry eyes, prevention of corneal vascularization and improvement in vision. 

Scleral lenses have changed numerous lives of patients with SJS. 

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