Tulsi - The Miraculous Herb


Our ancestors thought people who drank tea made from Tulsi, never got old.

Tulsi has an immense influence on your health. It helps to eradicate breathing problems as well as headache. It also helps to maintain mental clarity.

Try it out: Just break the Tulsi leaf and breathe it in. You will feel like you have just woken up from a dream, or you just finished meditating.

Sage gets its scientific name salvia from the Latin word “salvare,” which means save, or rescue.

The aroma of Tulsi comes from three chemicals: alpha – thujone which is spicy, camphor, which has a fresh minty-herbal-woody smell and viridiflorol which is a sweeter.

Tulsi is used in many cosmetics and fragrances as well. It also helps to keeps away bugs from other plants and attracts bees and butterflies to help pollinate them.

Tulsi contains another strong chemical called as Cineole, which is a main component of eucalyptus and tea tree oil together with camphor gives Tulsi its power to break up congestion and help respiration. It also said that Tulsi oil could have some anti-cancer properties especially related to skin.

So, bring Tulsi at home and get its benefits ranging from clearer thinking to better sleep and keep your immune system strog.

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