Even running to the doctor for such little things becomes very difficult for you. Instead of getting frustrated we should use some natural ways to cure these problems. Some measure to cure these problems is illustrated:-

1. A stress headache can be cured easily

First of all we should try to know the reason behind headaches. At times the muscles in your head tenses up and blood flow gets constricted which results in severe headache. You should have foods like spinach, nuts and beans. These foods contain magnesium which stops the muscles of your brain from getting tensed up.

Exercise to do: - At the acupressure point that is at the back of your neck put your thumb. And then look up. This point is connected to the muscles which tense up. While looking up breathe in and out. Perform this exercise for 5 minutes.

Stay away from the stressful environment and take rest. Go to places which are quiet and which relaxes you. Or listening to music you will surely feel relaxed.

2. Running Nose

Reason behind a running nose is that cold viruses attacks your nasal passage, then a chemical called histamines is released and increases mucus production, itchy eyes and sneezing.

You should have fermented foods which include yoghurt or sauerkraut. Such food contains chemicals which increases the immunity of your body. At times runny nose is also due to some food from which you are allergic. You should avoid such food.

Wash a bottle thoroughly. Boil water till you see bubbles. Now after the water cools put it in bottle and add teaspoon of salt in it. Shoot the water into your nose and blow it out gently. Since salt water is good at killing the bacteria and viruses you will feel relieved.

3. Constipation

This problem is faced by everyone in day to day life. The reasons behind this problem are the change in your routine. The irregularity in your meals, reduction in workload; this creates problem in your digestive system and the result is constipation.

In such cases you should have unfiltered aloe-vera juice and apple juice. Aloe-vera makes your digestion better.

Another option is having a tablespoon of hemp seed oil for lubricating your digestive system. Exercise to do:- Lie flat and massage the lower abdomen with your fingertips after every hour. Even walking helps you. Drink a lot of water.

4. Menstrual Cramps

When dates of your periods are nearby, your body produces chemical which triggers inflammation and pain in your belly. Medicines are available but they come with serious side effects so you should avoid them.

Having ginger, ginger tea and fish reduces the cramps.

Massage your spinal cord at the end and you will be relieved. The nerves connect to the uterus from this point of the spinal cord so continuously massaging this point reduces the pain.

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