8 Shortcuts to be healthy this winter

8 Shortcuts to be healthy this winter

Here are few ways which keeps you healthy even without workout:

Small amounts of Alcohol:

Alcohol if taken in limited amount is very good for heart. And wine is the perfect tonic which protects you from cold. This fact was proved by a study which took place in Spain. People who were more addicted to wine were least affected by cold. For women to be healthy, one glass of wine should be taken per day as advised by the specialists. Red wine is the best medicine for cold because of the antioxidants present in it.


Develop the habit of reading a book. People who have a habit of reading fiction understand others well. These people can relate themselves with any situation and look for a better solution to any problem.


It may be possible your spine starts aching because of sitting for along time. No need to worry for that even. There are exercises which helps you to stretch out even while you are sitting. So, you get another excuse for not leaving your bed.

Comforting food:

Try out some comfort food which is also healthy. Comfort food is a food which makes you feel more cozy and relaxed. The only problem with these foods is that they are oily and have fat and calories. But there are solutions to makeover these foods to reduce the calories and fat from the food. So, feel free to have whatever you like this winter.

Mingle with people:

Even if you stay at your home don’t isolate yourself. Be in touch with your friends. Talk whatever you want but socialize. Loneliness affects your immune system and people who are lonely produce more inflammation related proteins. Inflammation may also give rise to heart diseases and diabetes. So be connected with your friends, call them up and talk to them.

Hot showers:

With hot showers, inhale the scent of bath gel or soap. It may sound weird but it been seen that people who inhale the scent of these things stay happier than others.

Sleeping well:

Sleeping is the best hobby of the lazy ones. And sleeping is the only activity according to the scientists which has the capability to enhance the memory power, focus and creativity in any person. People who sleep a lot also maintain a balanced healthy weight.

These methods would surely have excited the lazy ones since they get reasons for not going out in winter. So, no need to worry, be lazy and stay healthy at the same time.And even the active ones can take some rest by following the above steps this winter.

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