Be Healthy In a New Way- Welcoming year 2015

Be Healthy In a New Way- Welcoming year 2015

Confused? Well all of it is interconnected with each other.  Interestingly, majority of the population is not able to keep up with the resolutions made for health.  So instead of making any resolutions, let make this year 2015 is dedicated to health and fitness, but this time it is not going to be in an old fashioned way of clean eating, going to gym or yoga. But in few different ways which will be different than ever.

Be in sync with your Self

It is difficult for many to go for gym or exercise regularly as it difficult to follow a certain set of routine daily. It is interesting to understand that exercising is not a daily chore, but it is a form of meditation which equally works for your body and mind. It is best to keep yourself in sync with your body while exercising, probably talk to yourself while exercising and motivate yourself to work out.  This does not mean that if every other day you don’t feel like exercising you will stop doing it; that is laziness. In fact, increase the intensity of your workout gradually and let it adapt to it.

Personalised Medicare

Up until now, doctors have been prescribing a common medicine for all those who suffered from single disease. It has been observed that many times few people are allergic to certain medicines, so a medicine which worked on a person might not be working on another. The idea of prescribing customised medicines is picking up its pace rapidly. Before prescribing a medicine, doctors generally go for a blood report and a DNA report for a patient. This makes it easier for doctors to understand the patient, also now the interaction between doctors and patients have also gone up, as this is helpful for doctor to understand the patient completely and prescribing the medication accordingly.

Make dieting flexible

Right eating is very important for your health, but it does not mean one has to go for crash diet to be fit and healthy. It is important to understand how much your body needs daily before figuring out your diet plan.  Commonly it is known as your macro and micro (protein, fats and carbohydrates) nutrients.  There are calculators available to help you determine your body the amount of calorie required.

Pay attention to your body

The doctor knows the best for your body is the mostly common phrase used and in fact this is true in many a times. They know the in and out of your body and accordingly recommend you what to eat and what not to eat. Yet it is equally true that your body sometimes tells you what it requires. It is important to take charge of your body and pay attention to it requirements as many times it works for your benefit.

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