Being Old Does Not Mean Advent of Diseases

Being Old Does Not Mean Advent of Diseases

A study conducted on a group of older cyclists revealed that there was very little physical difference between them and those who were of ages 55.

These researchers say that these revelations have overridden the common notion of people that old age brings the onset of bad health and makes them frail and infirm.

These people chose cyclists between the ages of 55 and 79 and conducted several tests upon them including those of aerobic fitness, resting heart rate and various other factors.

They had thought to find some way to determine who belonged to which age group depending on these results. But it was impossible to determine so.

Professor Stephen Harridge, Director of the Center if Human and Aerospace Physiological Sciences at the same college said that only by considering the results one would deduce they are of much younger ages. He added that exercising allows a person to age accordingly. Thus ageing does not make a person inactive and fragile but the discontinuity of the habit of exercising is what the main culprit is.

The research included 84 male and 41 female cyclists who had to cycle 100km in 6.5 hours and 60km in 5.5 hours, respectively. The ones with health conditions and smokers were These people underwent the study and their various functions were being tested like cardiovascular, bone strength, respiratory and so on. Their reflex actions to any stimulus were also monitored. In fact the oxygen intake and cycling power at its maximum were also The results showed that no matter what age, these people showed similar numbers in their reports. In fact these reports were so concurrent that it was impossible to identify their ages just by looking at the results. The rate of oxygen did show some relation with the age but even this was not so strong a factor.

In the basic tests also the old people were no different than the younger ones. Also, though the cyclists were chosen here, any aerobic activity would produce the same conclusions.

Professor Norman Lazarus said that physical activity can buy years of youth. Cycling keeps one mentally alert along with keeping the other organs healthy. Jane Tadman, Arthritis Research UK said that these results have proved that most of the ageing symptoms show up due to lack of inactivity. However, it has to be ensured that old age be spent healthily and that can be achieved only by remaining physically active. This does not necessarily mean going to the gym, but it can be simply alighting and climbing the So if you want to spend a happy and healthy old age, start getting involved in some sort of aerobic physical activity and you are good to go!

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