Kepping Away the Word Fat: Easy tips

Kepping Away the Word Fat: Easy tips

People generally think it is your willpower that will help you to resist eating high calorie food, but guess what it doesn’t work for a lot many people. In fact, it is believed that making a few strategically efficient changes in your environment may help you and your dear ones to be away from this word, fat.

So, if your willpower isn’t good enough to keep you away from tempting food, you got to try these easy tactics out and see for the result by yourself.

Fresh Fruits on the Go

Fruits, they are definitely good for health but what are they doing somewhere where you can’t always see them. A research says that you tend to consume twice the amount of fruits if those are kept out in front of your eyes, say in a bowl on a counter. So all you are going to do now is keeping a bowl full of fruits close to the most traveled path in the house, like near a TV or why not near the door itself.

Storing Fridge Tactically Without any doubt, your fridge must be full of healthy food, but is it visible? Arranging things in your fridge also matters when it comes to your appeal to have it. Transparent containers kept at eye level, yes that’s the perfect place to keep the veggies and fruits in your fridge so that it tempts you to eat them every time you open your fridge. Also if there’s something not suitable, either put it in an opaque container or enclose it up in a foil.

Size does matter, even for Dishes

A study states that people tend to eat more with a bigger spoon or in a bigger dish. It is noticed that if you are served the same amount of food in two different dishes, a small and a bit bigger, you seem to think that you are eating more while having your food in small dish. So having dishes smaller than standard sizes in your kitchen may help you decrease your food consumption at meals.

Serving Strategically

Your serving technique can help you family decrease their consumption. The serving starts with just the appetizer course being served on the dining and the main dish being not present on the table. The appetizer fills you up and you tend to have less food later. The trick behind not putting the main dishes on the table is that people tend to eat them over the starters. So ask your family to get the mains from the kitchen themselves. This trick helps to reduce food eaten by almost 30%.

The trick says that, it is difficult to eat less when you have a container full of it in front of you. So serve unhealthy food in small containers so that you don’t tempt to eat it more So follow these easy tactics and keep that ‘fat’ word away from you and your family.

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