New health words to enter your vocabulary in 2015

New health words to enter your vocabulary in 2015

1. Stressipe: Just as what it sounds like, a stressipe is a recipe that’s not even worth the stress you experience while preparing it.
“She spent tedious weeks shopping for all the ingredients to bake that marshmallow cake, but her friends just gulped it over in two minutes at the dinner party. It was then that she decided never to cook a stressipe.”

2. Sobtimist: Someone who cries over the goodness of their fate.
“Dora is such a sobtimist, she cries about everything, be it that expensive birthday gift that her husband gave her or the prize that she won in the lucky draw.”

3. Pleisure: The delight one gets from doing absolutely nothing
“Jeremy already fixed the light bulbs around the house and decorated the tree well in advance before the Christmas party, so that he can attain maximum pleisure at the time of main event”

4. Bitrayal: The feeling of being cheated when the food you taste is not of the flavour you
“After suffering bitrayal of almonds from his favourite sweet frequently, he stopped going to that sweet shop.”

5. Faultitask: A disarrayed state obtained when a person tries to multitask i.e. to complete too many things at the same time
“Reema’s flight up the stairs of her office with a cup of coffee, two folders of files and her laptop led her to a broken leg and she finally promised herself not to faultitask again.”

6. Sipster: A person who portrays their hipster attitude through drinks.
“Logan was a chronic sipster. He could even wait in the long queues for half an hour just to get his favourite espresso from that coffee corner across the road.”

7. Canvict: A person captive of the inability to deny or say no.
“The main reason for the emotional sufferings of Diana’s in her marriage was her being a submissive canvict and following blindly what her husband demanded.”

8. Grinkles: Lines formed from smiling
“When I handed my daughter a box of candies, she grinkled widely, rushing to her room to show them to her brother.”

9. Slimbiosis: The feeling of physical self-shrinking one gets after joining a gym or purchasing local made foods
“Once Mr. Hammer started playing football with those boys from school, he felt that he is regaining his physical strength from his teenage days back through a kind of slimbiosis.”

10. Bitemize: To count the calories
“When a few people asked her about her growing weight, she became extremely conscious and started bitemizing every food she ate.”

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