Resolve to be Fit, Not A Fool

Resolve to be Fit, Not A Fool

He recollects saying that he had to go through much of hassle. The authorities needed to be notified, sent letters and many more. One couldn’t simply get the cancellation done at the desk. The payment was made automatically which gave them an upper edge.

Since new year is the time people mostly resolve to lose weight, this is when these scammers get the chance.

A consumer advocate, Christopher Elliot says that people are more vulnerable to offers they cannot imagine to achieve in a span of time. Thus it becomes easier because the scammers don’t need to do anything and the customer’s just start to flow in.

Weight Loss Scams

The cons don’t restrict themselves to the gym only but also intrude the eating habits. They give various supplements which promise the unfathomable and all sorts of stuff. The way they explain is also so marvelous that people will be bound to believe that whatever they are saying is true.

The Federal Trade Commission has been after such fake claims as a part of its Operation Failed Resolution. Like, in Missouri a company was bound to pay $1 million and refund to customers because it claimed its certain product in the form of a body lotion helped in slimming down. Also, a fat burner pill owner stopped selling them: a company selling green coffee bean extract and a dietary supplement was ordered to stop; the manufacturers of Pro-Form abs builder were made to pay $3 million penalty; a calorie burningPill Company had to pay $500,000.

Ian Mickey, who once weighed 340 pounds, has already invested more than $1,000; He says that all the products that he has ever tried required one cannot expect to loseweight by just sitting idle. However our generation wants quick results without having to put lot of effort. This is why such companies get a chance to redeem.

Being Careful

What people nowadays require is to have patience and know that nothing happens by miracle. Elliot the scam expertsaid that this is the main reason why people fall prey to these scams. They don’t realise that they are being introduced to some hoax and are easily swayed by invincible promises.

Being Cautious

People should pay attention to certain things. They should be careful while reading the terms and conditions. They should also use their common sense to differentiate between the practical and unachievable. They should pay with credit card and must ensure an in-depth research into the supplements.

In case one does end up being conned, he must approach the FIC or FDA with their grievances.

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