Trans fat is a cause for your memory loss

Trans fat is a cause for your memory loss

A new research conducted by American Heart Association’s has proven the fact of memory loss caused by Trans fat. The effect of eating Trans fat might not be visible on memory on immediate basis, but its gradual mixing with the blood definitely causes memory loss in longer run, which even might cause Alzheimer’s sooner than one can imagine.

In the research, which was conducted on approximately on 1000 the men with keeping in check with their diet on daily basis. These men were shown about 104 cards with words which were new or were repeated. These men were then asked to re collect if they remember anything related to the number of words that they thought were repeated in those 104 cards. Interestingly, men who had higher level of Trans fat in their blood were the ones who were not able to recall the repeated words. The fitness level, stress level, eating habits and their demographic conditions were considered in this research.

It was seen; men eating Trans fat in their diet tend to remember 10% lesser words as compared to the men who did not eat trans fat. This was not the first time that the impact of Trans fat on the memory has been looked into. Previously, the studies have been conducted to see the impact of it on women of various age groups and the effect of it was same as seen in the recent result.

Not only concerning the memory loss, Trans fat are the main reason behind the epidemic of obesity. Therefore, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has been working towards cutting down the use of trans fat in packed food. Since 2006 the usage of trans fat in packed food has been reduced and the direct impact of the same has also been observed. The health problems of memory loss, heart disease and obesity have reduced to the places where trans fat is banned, example, like in Boston.

On an average of two grams of trans fat is found in meat and dairy products, therefore, one must not consume it more than two grams of it in a day. Trans fat takes a lot of time for the digestive system to work on, which further collects in the body as in the form of additional fat, leading to serious health issues. With government taking actions against the usage of trans fat in the food packaging, one can be assured to see the change soon in the health of an individual. But despite that to happen, every individual should take a conscious effort to avoid the consumption of trans fat and incorporate a healthier food choices.

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