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  • Here are some of such problems based on the views of Dr. Sanjay Gupta who is a practicing neurosurgeon in the USA as well as winner of multiple Emmy awards. ? Fight with the decreasing proportion of Doctors and patients: As the USA is getting in need of more number of medical pra…or doing this it needs initiatives from all levels and from everybody.

  • Apart from corroborating previous scientific studies that air pollution is indeed linked to autism, it offers new insights. The new insights show that women in their third trimester might be more vulnerable if they inhale elevated levels of airborne particles emitted by power pla…ronmental factors and autism exists which increases the risk two-fold.

  • The guidelines don’t outright call for circumcision of all male new borns since that it’s a personal decision that may involve religious or cultural preferences, Dr. Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC’s National Center for HIV Aids, STD and TB Prevention said the Associated P…rs to tell parents of baby boys of benefits and risks of circumcision.

  • These finding result from reviews of more than 20,000 breast cancer cases which were handled between 1998 and 2007. It has also been found that thought the risk is quite low yet it is double of what the experts has previously thought. Dr. Judith Karp, professor emerita of oncol…vely. And in any case, the risk and benefits are discussed beforehand.

  • This experimental drug was a version of the rapamycin drug. It was found to having increased the senior’s immune response to vaccines like that of flu by 20 percent. This was concluded by the researchers of Science Translational Medicine. According to the director of the Inst…solution and the remedies can be the doors to an entirely new disease.

  • Heart problems specially heart attacks has become a serious problem nowadays, mostly among the people in U. S. Many people are facing sudden deaths due to these heart related problems. Not only deaths but serious disability is also caused among the humans due to these coronary he…to the FDA for discovering such a blood test which can predict future.

  • Let’s try to understand it more clearly: We all know that we have an immune system in our body which is made up of cells and tissues and which fights against pathogens and other disease causing agents. And it is also known that infants’ immune system is not able to fight ag…immature cells in the newborns which make them more prone to diseases.

  • A research team at the Perelman School of Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania has published some results of their study in Nature, wherein they describe the method they used to convert adult cells into stem cells of the epithelial layer. Though this has been a potential te…lla cells, suggesting how close we are to finding a cure for baldness.

  • It was a twin research which means only twins were considered to take samples in the research. The Gut Bacteria is found to be inheritable and genetic make-up of people is considered in this study. For this, 171 pairs of identical twins and 245 pairs of non-identical twins took a…doing a good job trying to personalize and improvise these treatments.

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