A Look At Top 10 Global Health Insurance Providers

A Look At Top 10 Global Health Insurance Providers

10) Humana - One of the biggest health insurance providersin the United States, Humana has over 11 million members. Humana has it’s service operations in all the fifty states of United States, and also provides health insurance services in D.C and Puerto Rico.

9) Allianz - A German firm, Allianz is a well known name in the health insurance sector; having it’s operations all around the world. It extends it’s international health insurance services to employees and boasts of processing the insurance claims within 48 hours.

8) AIA Insurance Group - Based in Hong Kong, AIA Insurance Group covers a wide range of medical and hospitalisation facilities including long term care and treatment of critical illness and much more. Some of the critical illness covered under the critical illness plan includes illness such as heart problem, cancer, kidney problem, strokes to name a few.

7) Aetna Foundation - A US based health insurance provider, it is one of the prominent health insurance provider in the United States. Under it’s employee benefit insurance plan, which may be either partially or fully funded by the employer, the employees would be able to avail insurance coverfor various health issuesand also through Medicare.

6) Blue Cross Blue Shield - A federation of around 37 independent health care insurance providers all across the United States, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association cover insurance requirements of nearly 100 million people in the sountry; both directly and indirectly. BCBSA also act as administrator for the Medicare in a number of states in the United States.

5) Axa - Axa are amongst the top health care insurance providers based in UK and provide a whole range of health insurance plans covering individuals, businesses and families. Winner of UK’s health insurance awards 2012 in the international health insurance provider, Axa has a strong presence on the international stage as well. It is also a major health insurance provider in the middle east as well as in Asian countries. Playing real money casino games online is common among Indian citizens. Taking this into account gamblers should keep in mind a few important moments like safety or bankroll management. Professionals on Fancasinos.in created a catalog of the top real money casinos by examining their bonuses and promotions, deposit methods, and games providers.

4) Aviva - Aviva is a UK based health insurance multinational firms, and is ranked sixth best in the world. It covers health insurance cover of nearly 43million customers spreading across 21 nations of the world. It provides unique benefits to it’s customers such as ‘nurse on call’ , screening for diseases and treatment of neck and back injuries.

3) United Healthcare - Operating Wing of the United Health Group, United Healthcare covers the health insurance for around 7 million people in the United States and is well known as one of the biggest health insurance providers in the nation. The firm, apart from covering personal insurance, also provides the same for employers.

2) Express Scripts - Express Scripts offer pharmacy benefit managements in a integrated way. Some of it’s services includes benefit design consultancy , formulary management, managing drug plans by analysing the drug data for employees and various agencies of the United States, including the Defense Department.

1) Zurich Insurance Company - Based in Switzerland, Zurich Insurance Company is one of the biggest insurance providers in the healthcare sector. Apart from personal insurance covers, the Zurich Insurance Company also provides travel insurance, lifestyle plans , treatment of fractured bones for the elderly , disability, Accidental Death to name a few. Zurich Healthcare Insurance offers insurance plans for families as well.

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