A new breakthrough in the direction to cure baldness

A new breakthrough in the direction to cure baldness

An important discovery or development by the doctors at Yale University in New haven, CT reported that they thriving restored hair on the head and other parts of the body in a 25 year old man who was diagnosed with hairlessness due to the disease alopecia universalis. It is the first successful treatment done on a person who had this rare form of alopecia areata, which occurs when the immune system attacks the hair follicles.

To cure the patient, Doctors used an FDA-approved drug for rheumatoid arthritis called tofacitinib citrate. Breakthrough was achieved as the patient successfully regained hair on his head and other parts of body.

Assistant professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine, Brett A. King, says the results were exactly what they hoped for, and represents a “huge step forward” in treating patients with the condition. He adds, “While it’s one case, we anticipated the successful treatment of this man based on our current understanding of the disease and the drug. We believe the same results will be duplicated in other patients, and we plan to try.”

The patient was also diagnosed with plaque psoriasis, which causes scaly red areas on the skin. His doctor eluded him Yale’s dermatology unit for treatment of the psoriasis. Tofacitinib had already been used before to treat psoriasis in humans as well as lab mice. So the researchers at Yale had the notion to use the same drug to treat alopecia universalis as well as the psoriasis.

In the beginning the researchers gave the patient 5 mg twice daily doses of tofacitinib. It took 2 months, the psoriasis to show signs of improvement and he finally started gaining hair on his scalp and face. After that they changed his dose to 15 mg a day. It took him another 3 months to develop complete hair on his head and other areas.

The treatment period lasted for 8 months and the doctors/researchers got all his hairs have grown again on his head with zero lab abnormalities and no side effects could also be found.

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