Doctor dies of Ebola virus - hailed as a Hero

Doctor dies of Ebola virus - hailed as a Hero

Dr. Salia didn’t get into this medical profession to earn money, though he was Permanent US resident he decided to work in his native Sierra Leone because the need for surgeons there was really huge.

Although his medical friends were very much worried about him when he decided to treat the Ebola patients and according to them his decision was consistent with his own character. Even the number of ebola deaths was drastic increasing but the doctor’s decision was firm to fight with ebola virus disease.

Dr. Martin Salia was a true hero

Ron Klain, White House Ebola response coordinator was among those who spoke at funeral mass on Saturday for Salia at his family’s parish in Maryland which drew a crowd that swelled to the hundreds, Dr. Salia 44year old surgeon died on November 17 after being flown to hospital in Omaha, Nebraska and will be remembered for his tireless, selfless and heroic advocate for medical care.

Klain said that Salia was amongst the greatest heroes because he is the one who voluntarily risked his own life to help others. Even Klain read a personal note of condolence from the President Barack Obama to Salia’s family.

Isatu Salia, Salia’s wife wept as she carried small black box containing her husband’s cremated remains into church flanked by couple’s both sons 20 year old Maada and 14 year old Hinwaii.

According to Bockari Stevens, Sierra Leonean ambassador to the United States called Salia as national hero who leave every luxuries of the United States to aid his homeland.

Salia the heroic surgeon was born and raised in Kenema, Sieraa leone and in country’s capital, Freetown received his medical training. Later he served as surgical resident in Cameroon and even worked in Kenya and United States. According to his colleagues, Dr. Salia’s dream had been to open his own hospital in home town, Sierra Leone. But unfortunately doctor dies of ebola virus in his home town only.

Salia didn’t receive aggressive treatment for Ebola virus disease until nearly 2 weeks after he first started showing its symptoms. His formal diagnose was delayed and it took several days for him to flown back to the United States. And according to doctors view, these delays made it impossible for anyone to save his life and hence as a result doctor dies of ebola virus.

An international health consultant , Dr. Marilee Cole who ran Georgetown university training program in Cameroon remembered Salia as an unusually humble surgeon. There was something special about him and hsi colleagues new very well how hard and sincere he was towards his profession.

The top UN officials in the fight against the Ebola disease said in The Associated press interview that Sierra leone will soon see dramatic increase in Ebola treatment beds but it’s not at all clear who will staff them. Feeling proud to be son of Dr. Martin Salia In a brief interview with Salia’ older son Maada he said that he was over whelmed by the esteem in which others held his father and he is really proud that his father is a noble soul who was able to do so many things for lot of people.

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