FDA approves blood test that gauges heart attack risks

FDA approves blood test that gauges heart attack risks

Heart problems specially heart attacks has become a serious problem nowadays, mostly among the people in U. S. Many people are facing sudden deaths due to these heart related problems. Not only deaths but serious disability is also caused among the humans due to these coronary heart diseases. It was very important to control the number of deaths due to heart diseases. This study from FDA has discovered a measure to predict future heart problems.

A blood test has been approved lately by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This blood test recognizes the future chances of heart attacks or any other heart related problems in any person. This test is meant only for people who have never ever suffered from heart related problems. This test according to agency is more beneficial for women and particularly for black women.

This cardiac test predicts the future heart related problems possible in any person, particularly in case of women. So, if the problem is predicted earlier measures can be taken to prevent the person from suffering from heart attack. This will help to decrease the number of serious heart attack problems. If the blood specimen of any patient shows Lp-PLA2 activity greater than 225 nanomoles per minute per milliliter, that person is more likely to suffer from heart diseases in future.

The study has been done by FDA on almost 4,600 people belonging to the age group of 45 to 92 years. These people had no prior history of any heart disease.  These people took part in the test for almost 5 years. The performance of this test conducted on these people was different for black men, black women, white men and white women. It was very surprising to see that the black women were more sensitive towards the test. Their heart experienced a higher jump in the rate of heart attack or other heart disease even if there Lp-PLA2 level rose at a little.

This test is a milestone in the history of medical science since it will save many people who could have died due to sudden heart attacks. There are some people who are born with heart related problems, but there are some who suffer from these problems because of some problems be it natural or by mistake. For people who suddenly die or suddenly come to know that he is suffering from heart related problems, for them it is very difficult to overcome this news. If it is predicted earlier that who all can be at a risk of suffering from heart disease, they can take measures to reduce the risk of heart diseases. And thus this sudden and unexpected number of deaths can be controlled easily.  So cheers to the FDA for discovering such a blood test which can predict future.

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