GUT Bacteria – Shaping the way you are

GUT Bacteria – Shaping the way you are

It was a twin research which means only twins were considered to take samples in the research. The Gut Bacteria is found to be inheritable and genetic make-up of people is considered in this study. For this, 171 pairs of identical twins and 245 pairs of non-identical twins took a part in this study. The genes in the identical twins are a 100% same while the other twins differ in around 50% of the genes.

The results of the study showed that the identical twins have almost the same bacteria type while the non-identical twins did not share the same result. This supports the theory that gut bacteria is dependent on genes and inheritable. But, that is not the only way for a certain type of bacteria to exist in your gut. Life-style and eating habits extensively influence our stomachs and the bacteria in it.

Based on the above analysis, the research team including Prof. Tim Spector who heads Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology says that these results could be used to treat obesity. To reduce the risk of obesity and related risks, personalized pro-biotic treatments could be used.

During the research, bacteria named Christensenellaceae minuta was would in individuals who had lower body weight. The results were made more concrete by introducing the bacteria to the stomachs of mice. This experiment showed that the mice that did not get the bacteria showed a higher weight gain than the ones that received the bacteria.

The research around gut bacteria is not limited to the twin-study. Gut bacteria is also known to prevent the risk of obesity by reducing food intake. Researchers in Vanderbilt University of Nashville experimented with this theory. They strain modified a bacteria Escherichia coli Nissle 1917, responsible for colonizing the human gut, and produced a compound N-acyl-phosphatidylethanolamine (NAPE) to reduce food intake. When this bacterium was introduced to mice, it significantly reduced their food intake as they have been fed high-fat diet for 8-weeks. Their body fat and fatty liver was also controlled when compared with other mice.

The research is very useful for those fighting with genetic reasons of obesity. Introduction of healthy, fat reducing bacteria can prevent numerous amounts of diseases by significantly reducing the risks of obesity. It also gives you a healthy and well shaped body. Personalized pro-biotic treatment is the future of obesity-related treatments and the researchers are doing a good job trying to personalize and improvise these treatments.

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