Healthiest Options at TGI Fridays

Healthiest Options at TGI Fridays

Only moments away from the truth! Well if one goes to TGI Fridays, there is a fair chance they will be offeredpumpkin spice martini. For some people it is a fairly good way to celebrate the holidays but is it worth it? Is it justifiable to go out for unhealthy drinks along with pumpkin spice and liquor?

Drinks with flair are another topic, finding out healthy alternatives at TGI Fridays can be really difficult and tricky. So what can one do, as the place is one of the best if one is going for a drink, if they don’t want to compromise on their health and diet chart?

Well, here’s what the dieticians order at the TGI Fridays. They have worked really hard to find the healthiest options here. So one can choose what is best for them.

Chicken with Vinegar Dressing

Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN, also renowned as the author of “Read it Before You Eat it”, says one to opt for Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad. However, there are a few modifications brought out by the dietician. It is recommended to get the tostadas and dressing on one side and to have light cheese. One should also ask for extra vinegar in little amounts and then add some of it to the dressing. This will decrease the calories and makes it taste better even.

Chicken and Salad

According to Marisa Moore, RD, one should go with chicken and spinach. It comes in just 410 calories. Also, one can get mozzarella and tomato salad. This in itself is a treat.

Turkey Burger with Salad

Now Brittany Kohn, RD, recommends one to place order for turkey burger on greens. This is a great source of lean proteins. With salad, it becomes all the more satisfying and fat free.

Flatbread paired with Broccoli

Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN and author of “The Flexitarian Diet” asks the people to have a spinach Florentine flatebread starter for entrée, and then pair it up with broccoli. This might look like a lot to eat, but it is very less in calories and amounts to only 430 calories.

Chicken Salad

Patricia Bannan, MS, RDN and the author of “Eat Right When Time is Right”, says one to select a lunch size salad for dinner. This will automatically cut down on unhealthy calories and undesired ingredients. The lunch portion Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad makes one feel full. When this diet is topped with low fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing, the calorie level drops to 420 calories automatically. The rest of the numbers are 28 grams of fat and 1,030 mg of sodium. Though the latter two are comparatively higher, yet this is not that bad.

So these are some of the healthiest options at TGI Fridays. One can choose whatever is the most suitable for them.

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