How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Maintaining the right amount of water along with other substances in the body is critical in the right functioning of the brain and the heart and thus your whole body. And so doubtlessly, taking care of your kidneys should be like a primary responsibility of yours. According to doctors, when your kidney starts to give off, you may not realize it for a long time since they won’t make you sick till it reaches a critical stage and problem becomes irreversible. And so let’s see how to keep them healthy and detect problems as early.

Why kidney’s that important?

Let us start with the understanding of the functions of the kidney. The main function of your twin bean shaped kidneys is to throw out harmful waste and extra water from body as urine and retain the needed amount of water and nutrients. Along with this, they produce some hormones that are functional in maintaining your blood pressure and in making of red blood cells. So yes, they do a hell lot of work for your body.

Kidneys giving off

Getting away of kidneys with age is a natural phenomenon but if its dropping off due to diseases, then it is something to worry about. The harm to kidney means more toxins in your blood and less hormones productions means problems to other parts of body. In chronic kidney diseases, where the filters deteriorate slowly, no symptoms can be seen for as long as your three-fourth kidney gives off. Normally, both the kidneys are attacked at a time. Now what leads to these failures? High diabetes, high blood pressures are the primary causes and heart diseases along with family history leads to kidney diseases.

Take care of your kidneys

The above discussed risk factors, if occurred, make sure you check for kidney disease. These checking involves urine test checking kidney damage and blood tests checking quality of blood maintained by kidneys. Doctors say that chronic diseases cannot be cured but the deterioration of kidneys can be slowed down with proper treatment. In medical terms, there is GFR which is a measure of filtration rate in your blood. According to medicines, a GFR below 60 means chronic disease of kidney and further if it goes below 15, that’s where you require a transplant or dialysis. Keep discussing about all related therapies with your doctors when you are healthy, since it is easier as well as give you different options.

What to do next?

According to doctors, the most preferred treatment is the kidney transplant, but for obvious reasons such as unavailability of right donor, not everyone can go through transplant. The other therapy dialysis that filters the patient’s blood externally and makes them comfortable to do their everyday jobs normally. As perfectly said prevention is better than cure and so try to prevent kidney diseases with all that you can do. The best thing is a healthy lifestyle with physical activities and a healthy diet to keep your blood pressure normal and thus keeping your kidneys healthy. Consume less sodium and more vegetable and fruits. Take a step towards your healthier kidneys today and live a better life every day.

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