By successful implementation of the lift of ban FDA will place America in the list of countries which have already altered this ban. The list of country includes Mexico, Canada, South Africa, European country Italy, and Asian country Japan.

Details and minorities of the ban:
  • The ban was implemented in 1983, after the outbreak of AIDS for the very first time in 1977.
  • It was found that the disease had infected a majorly gay man that is why, AIDS also gained the name “gay-related immune deficiency”.
  • No matter that today the disease is not considered to be only restricted to gay community but, the ban still exists and now, everybody is looking towards FDA for their final decision to be taken on 2nd December.
  • 1st December celebrated as World AIDS Day. This year will bring in the introduction and expectation for gay men to contribute towards society like others.
  • Under the new proposed rule the gay men who want to donate blood will have to abstain themselves from abnormal sex for 12 months before donating blood. Earlier according to the ban, gay men who had abnormal sex after 1977 were banned from donating blood.
Reason for the earlier ban by FDA:

Gay men contribute for only 2% of the population still they are the most affected by the disease and according to the statistical report of 2010, 56% of the AIDS sufferers belong to the gay community.

FDA took thought over the ban as:

Development in medical science and lifestyle led gay activists, law makers and medical groups to raise voice against the ban which reflects discrimination and inferiority in society.

Changes made by the lifting of the ban
  • Expectations and raise of morale in gay community which will bring them together in society.
  • Equality bringing together everybody for good health of society.
  • By lifting this 31 year old ban FDA will allow 615,300 pints of blood supply per year to increase thus; saving approximately 1.8 million people struggling for life.

The initiation of lifting ban by FDA will act as a very inspiring step which will definitely become as an example for many other countries. Apart from the lift of ban FDA will take full precautionary measures which will include traditional full tests which take long period of time as well as rapid diagnostic tests which is approved by FDA. On top of this FDA also performs screen tests on all blood donations for HIV antibodies which conclude to get one unit per two million unit of blood to be HIV-infected.

Now, the two day meeting to be held on 2nd December will end up in final decision of FDA regarding the lift of ban on gay blood donators.

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