Medical Challenges Expected to Bother Americans in 2016

Medical Challenges Expected to Bother Americans in 2016

Here are some of such problems based on the views of Dr. Sanjay Gupta who is a practicing neurosurgeon in the USA as well as winner of multiple Emmy awards. ? Fight with the decreasing proportion of Doctors and patients: As the USA is getting in need of more number of medical practitioners due to increasing number of aged population this problem of shortage of Doctors is worsening putting in more pressure on policy makers to get solution before the crisis makes the country’s cream population afford quality medical care.

Hospitals place of cure as well as disease acquirement: It may be hard to believe but the conditions acquired from hospitals take more human life than car accidents or diabetes. Raising a question mark on the insanity of hospitals though, controlled a bit in the last year but, it needs further improvement leading to prevalence of e-subscriptions and electronic health records.

Resistance towards antibiotics: Microorganisms adaption leading to one of the major medical challenges is the resistance developed in them towards antibiotics. Even the WHO regards it as one of the biggest biological threats to mankind. Well, medical researchers have started their search of the next generation of infection fighting drugs but, this search should be sped before it is too late.

Mobile apps best mate for DIY care and precautions: Though apps help creating awareness regarding diseases and even offer motivation but, the major con of these health related apps is the privacy hindrance that the survey brings into light that 43% of the major data breaches in 2013 were done by health care industry thus; is needs more of security as these apps are also helpful in major health problems like autism.

Dearth of fresh food: USDA estimates that there are about 23.5 million people live in such areas where access to fresh and healthy food is limited making their reliability on fast food more grave thus; increasing problems of obesity and chronic conditions and also decreasing their life span. Farmer markets accepting food stamps and nonprofits are trying to bring in fresh food to such areas but, more effort is needed in this direction.

Increase in the older population: Expected increase of 101% is to be touched in the number of people above 65 years between 2000 and 2030 and the expected increase in the number of family members offering them care is only 25%. From where these care giver number be equated to the number of older population is the major problem. It can also give rise to strong public transportation system, mixed-use buildings and may be expensive care giver safety. Wish to play online pokies? First, look at the review made by our friends working at website. These experts share their thoughts about Australian online pokies with useful ideas on the most profitable tites, software providers, RTP, and other crucial features. Besides, gamblers will discover if it's better to play real money pokies or for free.

Alzheimer’s getting heavy on pockets: Expected increase in the number of Alzheimer’s patients is getting doubled in every 20 years also, it is predicted by Alzheimer’s Association that the US will spent total $1.2 trillion by 2050 for care of this disease. These reports have put Americans in deep thought of how to effectively prevent this disease?

Acceptance of Marijuana: Canada accepting the use of this drug has also triggered the US to think upon the recreational use of Marijuana also raising questions of how existing laws will coexist with the weeds’ use. It has also let pain sufferers look upon the researchers to give effective use of it in pain relief.

Work pressure: Americans spend most time on their jobs than any other developed nations thus; facing more mental and physical stress now it is time for the companies to take initiative and think upon some technological solution to this problem. It is also an alarm to all individuals to start off with some personal initiative to have better balance.

New Year resolution: It may happen that when 2015 ends most of these problems have been conquered and for doing this it needs initiatives from all levels and from everybody.

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