Number of Adult Smokers falling in the US

Number of Adult Smokers falling in the US

Cigarette Smoking leads the table of preventable causes for deaths and diseases in the United States, accounting for more than 4,80,000 per year in the country. Also,nearly 30 times the number of people who die due to cigarette smoking suffer from various diseases, the study has revealed.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) 2013 data to gauge the estimate of number of US adults who are cigarette smokers. This study was aimed at estimating whether the Healthy People 2020 target, which aims at bringing down the number of adult citizens of United Nations under 12 per cent was achievable or not.


Some positive signs to look out for

In the year 2013 , the number of adult US citizens who smoked cigarettes was found to be 18 percent of the total population, which is lowest figure since the survey was started way back in 1965. However, a positive aspect of the data was that the number of cigarette smokers had decreased by 3 million, despite the increase in population. Tim McAffee, director of CDC, said that thought the numbers reveal a positive sign, a lot of work needs to be done to prevent the remaining people from smoking cigarettes.

Another positive sign of the study was that the frequency of cigarettesmokers was falling considerably , and the number of people who smoke everyday was just 14 per cent according to the study conducted by CDC in 2013.

Senior Scientific Advisor at CDC concerned with Smoking and Health, Brian King commented that simply cutting down the number of cigarette per day as against quitting it would do no good to the health outcome of the smokers. However, according to Brian King, those cigarette smokers who quit smoking by the time they turn 40, have a great chance of reclaiming the most of the 10 years of life expectancy that would have been lost due to cigarette smoking.

Also, cigarette smoking pattern reveals that the majority of cigarette smokers are either bisexual, poor people, American Indians, multi-race Americans and people with disability. The positive outcome of the survey is that the atleast 70 per cent of the people who are cigarette smokers believe that quitting smoking would be a wise thing to do. It should be noted that there is clear proof to suggest that quitting smoking, irrespective of age, had a very positive impacton the health of those who quit smoking.

What’s next?

Further, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has suggested certain measures to lower down the number of cigarette smokers in US which includes making and implementing certain smoke-free laws, hiking the price of tobacco and related products and making use of campaigns to spread the message.

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